Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today was an early morning at our house...especially for a Saturday. Steve has been wanting to take me to a Greenway near our house that he really likes. So I said I would go with him today. In the Greenway, there are over 20 miles of man-made trails that wind through the woods. It's very pretty and mostly shaded. It has been about a million degrees here lately, though, so the only way in the world I was going to go was to get up early before it got too hot!

Unfortunately, I guess we didn't get up quite early enough because I was sweating like crazy by the time we finished our walk. We went almost 4 miles. Even though it was hot, I had fun just having some time to talk to Steve and enjoy being together! And I was amazed at how many people were out running, walking, and biking. It was ALOT!! I think I'll enjoy it even more once it cools off a little.

Every Saturday this summer I have been tutoring two little girls who were in my class last year. I taught at a Title 1 school and most of my students were Hispanic. Some of them really need extra help since they have such a language barrier. So I have been going over to their house and helping them work on reading and math over the summer. I love tutoring and working with students one-on-one. We have fun together and they are so sweet and cute. I wish I could see all my students over the summer. I miss them!

Tonight I took dinner to a couple in our Sunday School class who just had their first baby. When we started our class, everyone in there was newlyweds. Now almost every couple has a baby or is expecting one soon. It has been so much fun watching all these little families growing!

Mark came home from school today, too! He has a few weeks here before he goes back for the fall. I am so glad he's home. We have missed having him here! I cooked hamburgers for dinner and Ashley brought David over to eat since John was working. Laura and Lindy were having a little fun when they were cutting up the lettuce and tomato for me. They pulled a piece of lettuce off and decided it could be a little hat since it fit David's head perfectly! Haha! I had to take a picture! I thought it almost looked like one of those Anne Geddes pictures! :)

We gave David a bath over here and then got him dressed in his little pajamas. He smelled so good. There is nothing sweeter than a baby fresh out of the bath. I could kiss that child all day long.

I love Saturdays!


  1. When I saw David I just thought of a cabbage patch kid! lol. He's such a little butter ball... I just want to squeeeeeze those little cheeks! lol. :-) I love our Greenway, but haven't been able to enjoy it this summer because of the heat! It's great in the spring and fall!!! :-)

  2. Oh, that picture with the lettuce is just precious!


  3. He is so cute!! Love the anne geddes look that is awesome!


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