Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer

It has just been a normal summer week this week. It has been SO hot and humid here! There were several mornings when I woke up and all my windows were fogged up from all the humidity! It really hasn't been very comfortable to do anything outside...even just sitting on the porch. It started to feel better last night, so we went out and listened to some live music at a little place near our house with lots of shops, restaurants, etc.

After church today, I even went to the pool for a few hours since the air was finally breathable again! haha

Steve was out of town most of the week, so Laura and Lindy and I made the most of it. We had a "girl's night out" at one of our favorite restaurants, Maggiano's. Ashley came and so did my sister-in-law, Britney. We had fun catching up on lots of girl talk.

I bought David an excersaucer to play in when he comes to my house. I think he likes it! He is doing so good sitting up and reaching for his toys.

Laura and I went to the Christian bookstore the other day to see if we could find some good Bible study or devotional books. I didn't find a Bible study book that I wanted, but I did find this one...

It caught my eye because I know the author, Lysa Terkeurst. I met her when we were both working at Crisis Pregnancy Center many years ago. She lives here in Charlotte and is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Many times I have heard her on our local Christian radio station giving encouragement and support to wives and mothers with her humor and her insights. Plus her husband owns the Chick-Fil-A that is about 5 minutes from our house! I am really enjoying her book and just thought I'd share it with you. If you are interested, she also has a blog that is honest and uplifting, too!

Since I have been home this summer, I have been loving trying out lots of new recipes! These are two that I tried this week and the links to them. We loved them both and I would definitely make them both again.

*Southwest Stir-Fry--I got this from my blog friend, Meredith and it was delicious!

*Southern Living Tortellini Salad-This one I got from another blog friend, Erin.

I grilled chicken to go with it and then just cut up some watermelon on the side. Voila! A healthy, light, summer-night meal.

On my "to-try" list is this one....Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake from Alexandra's Kitchen. I saw this on Pinterest and it looked so good!

Well, I am still in my bathing suit, so I guess I better get going. Hope you have a great week!


  1. Oh, that tortellini looks beautiful! Thank you for passing on the recipe!


  2. LOVE all the things you do with your family!! I am going to try that Tortellini Salad...It looks GREAT!!!

    The picture of David in his new excersaucer is ADORABLE! He is really growing!!

    Oh, and the peach ice cream place is right near Pinehurst!!

  3. Hey there! Sounds like you're having a great summer! David is growing up so fast and is just precious. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Can't wait to try the blueberry bake. That will be great to take to the beach for breakfast.
    Take care!


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