Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Reunion & Fox News has been a BUSY week! I think I left off when we were leaving Florida to head to Mississippi for the Maddox Family Reunion-2011.

Before I go on, I just want to let you in on a little secret...on our way to Mississippi, we stopped at the BEST place for lunch ever! It was in Milton, Florida and it was a Cajun restaurant that was started by a family who had been living in Louisiana when they lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. They came to Florida and started all over and opened this little restaurant. It is tiny and decorated all over with New Orleans Saints and LSU stuff everywhere and the food was amazing. They had crawfish etouffe, bread pudding, shrimp creole, catfish po' boys, red beans and rice, fried pickles, and all that good stuff. Plus it had just regular diner-type dishes too. It was called "Momma's Place" and I just wanted to let you know about it so you can visit if you are ever in that area. They were working so hard to start a new life for themselves and I know they would love to get all the business they can!

Once we got to Misssissippi, it was family time! Steve has a VERY big family and we love it! We stayed at Steve's Aunt Claudia and Uncle Robert's house and got a warm Mississippi welcome. They live out in the country on a big piece of land. You have to travel down a dirt road to get there and it is so pretty.

They had their kids and grandkids over for dinner and we just sat on the porch and talked, went fishing, and got the guitar and the karaoke machine out and sang all night! It was alot of fun! This is just their kids and grandkids, (plus us)!

Steve and I slept in an RV in the backyard. We had never done that before so it was an adventure for us. But is was so nice! It even had cable so we were set! I can see how people would love taking their RV's and traveling all over the country, because they really are comfortable.

Saturday we drove to Steve's parents' hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

We spent most of the day at a family reunion for all the relatives on his dad's side of the family. We ate tons of good food. I've decided there is never a fear of going hungry when you live in the south! Seriously.

We also looked at lots of geneology and talked to relatives we didn't even know we had! We learned so much about the Maddox family and where they originated from and we took lots of pictures.

Have you ever heard of That is where alot of our information came from. My brother and my aunt have done lots of research on this site and I really want to get on it soon and look at all the stuff they have found out about my family! I love geneology and tracing back through the generations. That is so interesting to me!

That was the last day of our trip, and then we made the long drive home. I love going on trips and I love coming home, too.

Today Laura and Lindy got to do something really fun! They have been interning for Charlotte Style Magazine this summer and through this intership, they were asked to model for the "Celebrity Looks on a College Budget" segment of Fox News Rising this morning! They had to find a celebrity look that they liked and see if they could match it using clothes from local boutiques.

Here they are right before they went on...

Laura was matching the look of Eva Mendes, but putting a more casual, college spin on it...

And Lindy was matching the look of Kim Kardashian...

Here is a clip of the segment they did. I thought they did a good job!


  1. Y'all HAVE been busy! Looks like a fun fun time.

    The girls did a great job and both look so cute!

  2. That group photo looks like a get together at my folks house! Makes for a great time.

    I loved the story about the restaurant! And the girls looked so cute!! What a fun opportunity!


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