Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Atlanta Braves & The Georgia Aquarium

This week we have been on a trip with Steve's family to Florida and to a family reunion in Mississippi. We are having a great time! We only took Laura and Lindy with us this time because everyone else was working or had things going on. But we are going to do a family trip to the beach in August with everyone!

I want to tell you about everything we have been doing this week, but that would be too long for one post, so I am just going to start with our first stop in Atlanta!

When we got to Atlanta on Saturday, we stayed with Steve's cousin, Teresa and her husband Bruce. They were so sweet to host us. They have season tickets to the Braves and they let us use them. She even had Atlanta Braves tomahawks laid out with peanuts and Cracker Jacks! :)

We felt like we were in a Bed and Breakfast because they were so hospitable! They made us homemade waffles on Sunday morning with all kinds of fruit and whipped cream and fresh coffee. We were spoiled.

The game was alot of fun even though the Braves lost. Here are a few of our pictures....

Sunday we visited the Georgia Aquarium. It was amazing! I am not a huge zoo/aquarium person. (I guess because I teach school and I feel like I go to places like that all the time on field trips.) But it really was a neat place to visit! The whole time I was there I was thinking how creative God is. The colors of some of those fish were absolutley gorgeous. And there are so many different kinds of sea creatures! I was also thinking how much fun it will be to bring David when he gets older. :)

After the aquarium, we drove to Destin. It had been raining like cats and dogs but by the time we got here, the weather was perfect. I will tell you all about our lazy days on the beach soon.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I love going to the zoo or the aquarium, maybe because I teach the upper elementary and we never go there for field trips!

  2. HOW FUN!!!!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Georgia Aquarium!!!! :)

  3. FUN! I love going to games - especially the Braves!!! :-) Glad y'all had a great trip! It rained cats and dogs last time we were in Atlanta - not while we were there, but as soon as we got in the car to leave, lol. :-) Have fun y'all!!

  4. How was the trip? How's the aquarium at Georgia? Is it really that big? I love going on educational trips like going to the aquarium 'cause it's really fun to see all these marine animals living under the ocean. What were the animals that you saw? I heard that there's an amazing dolphin show there. Have you seen it?

    Daphne Michaels


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