Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Signs of Summer

I know it's officially summer when....

*My flowers are blooming and I am spending more time outside. I love that!

*Friends are sweet enough to share vegetables from their gardens and going to the Farmer's Market is a weekly event.

*My kids are home!

*I have more time to make yummy recipes like this (which I am planning on trying tomorrow!)...

*I am finally able to do things I have put off all year long because I was too busy.

So far, I am enjoying every minute of this summer!!


  1. I agree....something about the time of year that pulls you outside...even in the heat! lol...

    I was telling a staff member at work yesterday that I love hearing a lawn mower (someone was cutting their grass)...crazy, but it brings such good memories of years past of summer!


  2. All the fresh veggies look wonderful. I bet the pie is awesome.

  3. Yeah for summer..and yeah for enjoying the outdoors and all the sights and smells that go with it.

    Have a great 4th of July weekend too!

  4. Looks like summer to me! Especially the getting stuff done part, although I never seem to accomplish everything I had hoped by the end of the summer! :-) Good luck!


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