Monday, June 27, 2011


Saturday morning we left Mississippi and flew back to Charlotte. It was an easy flight and we were glad to get back home since Laura and Lindy and Mark were here. Laura and Lindy have finished their summer school now so they will be home for the rest of the summer.

We had John and Ashley over and grilled steaks and had fun having everyone together. Unfortunately, Steve got that same sinus infection I had so he wasn't feeling too good, but he is feeling much better now.

Yesterday was church and then I went to a wedding shower, but can I just tell you how wonderful Sunday nights are during the summer???!! I appreciate them so much since they are the worst night of the week during the school year. We rented The King's Speech and I actually stayed awake during the whole thing! haha

It was really good. Such a good story and great acting, too. We all loved it and I would definitely recommend it.

Today I got to keep my sweetie pie.

Ashley is working at Mother's Morning Out this summer so he is going to stay with me one or two days a week. He is such a happy, pleasant baby. It is so much fun keeping him.

I think I told you how I've been trying to think of ways I can use the herbs in my garden, right? Well, today Laura and Lindy and I used some of my mint to make some mint tea and it was delish.

We used the Neely's recipe from the Food Network. Here is the link if you are interested.

Tonight we are watching South Carolina play in the College World Series. They have done so good this year! Go Gamecocks!! I've got one eye on the game but I've also been reading the best book that my mom gave me. It is called Signs of Life.

It's a true story about a 24 year old girl...a high school English teacher who is newly married and five months pregnant when her husband suddenly dies in a tragic accident. The story is her journey back from this tragedy and it is so good. I guess with everything we have been through this year, it hits home even more to me, but I got hooked by the first page or two and it is a very easy read. She is such an honest writer. I bet you might like it too!

Well, I'm off to read and watch some baseball. Have a great night!


  1. Betsy, I am a longtime reader but have never commented. I adore your blog because I also have a college-aged daughter. She is the same age as Laura and Lindy and I've enjoyed reading about their college experiences. You seem like such a wise Mama and I have a question for you. When your college kids come home, how do you handle a curfew? Or do you? We are at a loss because our daughter does work at a local Country Club as a lifeguard but she loves to stay out with her friends. They aren't really doing anything inappropriate, mostly just hanging out at each other's homes and watching movies or playing games, but we aren't used to the late nights. LOL We just can't decide what a reasonable curfew is and whether or not a curfew is even appropriate at 19 years old. Any Motherly insight is welcome! I hope you have a wonderful summer and a good Fall. I really missed your blog updates when you changed jobs. I'm sure that was a stressful change. We were involved as volunteers with a Title 1 school in the past and some of the situations were just heart wrenching.

  2. Hey girl! Glad you're back home and having summer fun! That book sounds really good... I'll just add it to my terribly LONG list of books I have waiting to be read, lol. There are always so many books and so little time! :-)

  3. Enjoy your summer with your kids and that adorable grandson of yours.

    I've so enjoyed having our kids home this summer, and I can hardly beleive it's almost the 4th of July.

    Have a great week.


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