Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You Pinterested??

The first few days of summer have been so nice.

I have gotten lots of rest, but I have been busy, too (in a good way!) Unfortunately, I came down with some kind of ear/sinus infection/sore throat/cold thing the minute school was out. But I went to a minute clinic yesterday and got a Z-pack, so hopefully I will be feeling better asap! I definitely don't want to waste my fun summer days feeling bad.

Did I tell you that I am growing an herb garden this summer? I am growing basil, mint, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, etc. So I have been looking for yummy recipes that I can use them in. Last night I got to use my basil in some bruschetta and it was delicious! I went to a little party on Tuesday night and one of my friends brought this recipe and I loved it, so I tried it last night. It's really simple, but it tastes alot like my favorite dipping sauce from Carrabas, which I love!

I thought I would share the recipe with you since most people love light healthy recipes in the summer.


1 large can tomatoes
1 cup fresh basil
3-4 cloves garlic
4 T. olive oil
kosher salt
freshly ground pepper

Pulse these together in a food processor until it's all mixed up and chopped.

I bought a baguette and sliced it. Then I toasted it with mozarella cheese and put the bruschetta on top. Enjoy!

I also wanted to share with you something that I have had so much fun with. You've probably already heard of it, but it is a website called Pinterest. Oh my could get obsessed with this site!

Have you ever cut pictures or recipes you liked out of magazines and put them in a file? Well, this is basically the same concept. You have different boards (like a bulletin board) that you can pin the things you are interested in onto. (Thus the name "Pinterest"). Not only can you get tons of ideas and inspiration here, you can also just enjoy all the beautiful photography and artistic inspiration. It is eye candy...seriously. You have to be invited though, so if you are interested, let me know. I think I have about six invites that I can use. Just send me your e-mail address and I will invite you. Here are a few examples of my boards and what I have pinned on them...

Favorite Spaces and Places...

Parties, Favors, and Gifts...

My Style...

For The Home...

At The Table... get the idea. These are just a few of my boards. You can make a board for anything at all that you are interested doesn't have to be recipes or decorating or fashion ideas! In fact, two of my boards are "Child of the 70's" and "America" where I put things that remind me of growing up and beautiful, patriotic pictures. It is alot of fun. can also network with other people. You follow other people and others follow you. Kind of like on twitter or blogs.

If you have some time, you should check it out. I bet you would love it! :)

This afternoon I am leaving to go see Laura and Lindy at ECU! I am looking forward to seeing them. It seems like it has been such a long time. We are going to have so much fun. Yay for summer!


  1. LOVE Pinterest!! I just started following you too :) I'm krp1010.

  2. I’ve been hesitant to hop on the pinterest bandwagon. Don’t need one more thing to be addicted to, ha!!

  3. I LOVE Pinterest it! Have a great time with your girls!

  4. totally obsessed with pinterest! LOVE it!!!

  5. I'd love an invite!!
    tbmroberts at yahoo dot com

  6. Fun, I just joined pinterest too! I'm trying to figure out how it all works. I love your pics!

  7. After hearing you and Ashley talk about Pinterest, I had to see what it's all about. I hope it isn't to the detriment of my family (a new addiction).

  8. OOOhhh I LOVE an invite. This looks like lots of fun.

    petrii.dawn@ gmail dot com

    Have a Blessed evening friend,

  9. I just heard about Pinterest this week! I am planning on looking into it because it sounded like so much fun! I am a notebook girl - I cut stuff out of magazines all the time and file them in a notebook under tabs like "home" and "garden" and "kids" and "gifts" lol. This sounds right up my ally! That recipe looks delicious! Hey, keep sharing your recipes because I am doing an herb garden this year too! :-) Gad your summer has begun! I get sick the first day of summer EVERY YEAR. I think it's my body detox/destress from school! lol Love you!

  10. love it and am so addicted as you know haha! Hope your enjoying your summer! we are almost there!

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