Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Boy

So...I have been a Nanna now for about 9 weeks and it has been so much fun! David is one of the sweetest little babies ever. (And, yes, I realize I am a little prejudiced, but that's okay, right?)

He is so good natured and hardly ever cries! (Only if he's hungry or tired.) He actually had a screaming fit the other night on the way home from La Unica because when he is hungry, he is hungry NOW! It was pitiful. (Can't you tell Ashley starves that poor little thing!? haha)

I had always heard that being a grandma was wonderful and it has turned out to be just as good as I thought it would be. I practically kiss that baby to death every time I see him just because he is so cute.

He is so alert and curious and has the brightest eyes. The other night Ashley and I took him out to dinner and we were in a booth. I was holding him up on my shoulder and he was straining his neck to look over the seat and see what was going on in the booth behind us. (Some little girls were waving to him and talking to him.) It was so funny. He's only two months old, but he thinks he's a big boy already.

He can almost sit up all by himself in the Bumbo and he loves to straighten his legs out and stand up in your lap. He follows things with his eyes and smiles all the time now. He loves watching my dog Rocky and he wants to be in the middle of the "action"!

Last week, our sweet blogging friend, Faith (who designed this blog, by the way!) came over and took some adorable pictures of him. She just did it right in my foyer! We opened the front door to get some good light and she started snapping away. I LOVED how well the pictures turned out and wanted to share them with you!

This one is my very favorite...

But I love this one too...

We wanted some cute little "bootie shots" and these turned out so good. But David actually peed ALL OVER Ashley! We got a good laugh out of that! :)

So sweet...

I can't wait to get some of these framed! I am so glad Ashley lives here and I get to see them alot. Having a grandbaby is all the fun and none of the stress. You just get to love on them and then send them back home with Mommy. :) That sounds like a good plan to me!

(PS-If you are in the Charlotte area and need a good photographer, you should call Faith! She is one talented girl!)


  1. David is adorable Betsy! I am glad you live close and get to see him often. I think that is what I miss the most by living away is just how much they change from visit to visit. I still look forward to those hugs and kisses when I am around though! Thanks for sharing the new pictures!


  2. so cute! David is precious! I love the pictures that she took! We live close to my husband's parents and it's such a blessing to have them so close!

  3. David is SOOOOOO cute! That is hilarious that he peed on her though! Haha! It's funny how life changes when you become a parent! He is just the cutest thing!!

  4. He is a doll baby and I'm so glad I got to love on him for a little bit. Such a precious blessing!!

  5. He is so cute! Those pictures are wonderful!

  6. SO cute and sounds SO fun! Faith did a great job on the pictures!!! :-)

  7. Congrats to you Nanna!! He is so adorable! I love those professional pictures. They are so so good! What a doll!

  8. Oh Betsy,
    He is SO sweet!! This pictures are amazing!!! Is it Faith of the blog world? =)

    I agree, being a grandma is just so wonderful.

    Have a Blessed evening,


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