Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 Things

10 things on my mind today...

1. I'm glad my kids were home this weekend.

Mark brought his girlfriend, Kate, home. He met her in Spain and she has never gotten to meet the whole family yet. It was definitely a trial by fire experience because we have TONS of family and it was another busy, family-event-filled weekend. She did good! I hope she wasn't too overwhelmed.

2. My niece Brooklyn turned 2 this weekend. We had fun going to her party yesterday.

She is getting so big and is the cutest thing you've ever seen. She is prissy and girly and sweet and I could eat her up!

3. I finally got all the pieces to the baby crib that I need so I can now set it up for when David comes over. Steve is going to help me put it together this week since I will need it next weekend when I am keeping David while Ashley goes out of town for the day.

4. My dad preached this morning at our church and it was so good. I miss hearing him preach, so it is a treat when he gets to. I grew up on his sermons and I may be biased, but I think he's one of the best preachers around!

5. This is one of the first days in it seems like forever that it hasn't been so humid you could just about cut the air with a knife. It feels so great outside, so I am spending the whole afternoon on my porch!

6. One good thing about having EOG's next week is that there is no planning to do! Woo hoo!

7. I only have 3 more Mondays to go. I think I can, I think I can....

8. I am getting a pretty long mental "to-do" list going for when school is out. We have some vacation plans starting to shape up and some projects around the house and some little road trips we are planning on taking. Dear Summer....please get here SOON!

9. The Amazing Race is over. Boo! Not sure what to watch on Sunday nights now. Maybe I'll just read???

10. So much has happened in the news lately that I haven't had time to blog about. But here is a quick run-down of my thoughts on a few things that have happened recently.

Osama Bin Laden-Thank you God that our Navy Seals finally found this man and he is no longer a threat to our country. I do not rejoice when anyone dies, but I feel like justice has been served and we are much safer because he is gone.

American Idol-I think I'm done with this show for the season. Nobody I liked made it to the top three. I wanted James to win and I don't care a thing about Scotty, Lauren, or Haley!

Arnold and Maria-I hate it when anybody's marriage fails. I was really sad to hear that they broke up after 25 years. Marriage is hard. It must be extra hard when you are always in the spotlight. Sorry they couldn't make it work.

Steve and I are back to our empty nest again. All the kids went back to school today. I miss them, but I am looking forward to a quiet, slow week!

Hope you have a great week, too!


  1. Betsy, I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family. Mark's girlfriend is VERY pretty and I agree that your Dad is one of the BEST preachers around. Just a few more weeks and summer! Hoping your testing with your kiddos goes well this week! Rhonda

  2. I love reading your blog :) You have the funnest family ever always doing things together! Hope you have a great week!


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