Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good Stuff

The past few weeks have been pretty much a roller coaster for us. It has been a long time since I have had a minute to blog but I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and love and prayers. We are doing good and things are getting better each day.

The sun is shining here and it is spring and that always puts me in good spirits! This is a pretty dogwood tree that is in our backyard...

And the best part is that it is FINALLY almost Spring Break! Woo hoo!! It has been a loooonnngg stretch without any breaks since January. I think all of us teachers are just hanging on by a thin thread trying to make it to Friday. Steve and I have some fun plans for next week that we are both looking forward to! I will tell you about it soon.

Anyway...I was just thinking that despite everything that has been going on lately, there have still been so many great things and so many blessings at the same time. Life is so funny how even in the saddest and hardest of times, there is still wonder and joy and happiness. That is just the way God shows you His love and takes care of you. A beautiful sunny day, a friend stopping by to offer encouragement, flowers and rain, a good night's sleep, warm meals that someone has prepared and delivered, sweet cards, laughing through your tears, being surrounded by family....all that is the good stuff!

And, I have to say...we've had lots of those good things lately.


  1. I well remember the strong need for Spring Break to arrive! Hope the week to come meets all your expectations and hopes and givesyou the rejuvination that you need to finish the year! Your dogwood is lovely! I miss those trees!

  2. Been thinking of y’all Betsy. Love you!!!! :)

  3. So thankful you are doing better. I have prayed for yall and especially Steve's Mom. It must be lonely without your best friend! I will continue to pray and enjoy your Spring Break!
    Leigh Ann

  4. I can't get over the fact that you still have not had spring break. I am pretty sure I would have panicked by now if I still hadn't had spring break, lol! We have been doing our state tests this week... so much fun (insert sarcasm). lol :-) Glad to hear y'all are doing okay and staying positive in spite of the sorrow. Still keeping your and your family close in prayer! Love you!


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