Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

It's been another busy week at the Maddox house. Steve's been traveling and I've been up to my neck in school work and tutoring. Guess what though?? Only 29 days left till school is out and then my life is going to change dramatically! Woo hoo! I think I can...I think I can!

I am so behind, but I wanted to share a little bit of our Easter with you. (Nothing like updates a week late!) haha I think Easter might be my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I love what it stands for and all the spring clothes and the way the world is full of flowers and sunshine! I love going to church and dying eggs and eating lunch outside and singing beautiful hymns and songs and getting together with family. It's just a great time of year to me.

Saturday night we had Steve's family over since all his brothers and sisters were in town. They ate dinner with us and we just hung out on the porch and played ping pong and dyed eggs. My kids still have fun doing that even though they are in college! :)

I love having my kids home. It was a fun night.

This year I sang in the choir on Easter Sunday for the first time in a long time and I really enjoyed that. Then I came down and sat with our family. It was so sweet to have David with us to celebrate his first Easter. He looked so adorable!

And we were sad that Steve's dad wasn't with us this year. It is still hard to believe he is gone. But I was thinking the whole time we were at church that Easter is the reason we have hope that we will see him again one day!

After church, we all went over to Steve's mom's house. We have a really big family. My whole side of the family (minus one of my brothers) came over too. We had all kinds of good food....ham, potato casserole, deviled eggs, seven layer salad, asparagus casserole, pig-pickin' cake and a whole lot more. We definitely know how to make a spread!

She had set up a big canopy in the backyard so we got to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful day. The whole week before had been rainy and humid and yucky, but Easter was gorgeous!

We also had our annual Easter egg hunt, of course! Mark and Bailey are holding up number one signs because they were the champs! :)

And my birthday was Monday, so we celebrated that, too!

Here are few pictures of our day...

My kids had fun hanging out together...

Family fun...

Easter 2011 was just about perfect. I am thankful that Jesus rose from the grave and that He lives. And I am thankful for a sweet family!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SPriNg BrEAk 2011

The past two weeks have been so much fun, but so busy, too. Now I am extremely behind in my blogging. Between Spring Break and Easter, we have had lots going on. I think I'm just going to do Spring Break today and try to catch up on Easter this week sometime.

Steve and I went to Clearwater Beach, Florida for my Spring Break. That is where we did a whole lot of nothing! Steve had to work a little, but I was free every day all day long to sit by the pool or at the beach and read and order fruity little drinks and take naps and lie in the sun. Then at night we went out to dinner and walked on the beach or got ice cream or watched TV or whatever we wanted to do. THAT is my kind of vacation. It was perfect timing, too, since April has been a very stressful month for us. I am so glad we were able to do that.

Here are a few pictures of all the fun we had....

We spent one whole day on the beach and it was so nice!

The day we got there, we went to lunch right by the water. I got fish tacos and we shared some she-crab soup! YUMMMM! I took this picture while we were sitting there enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Lunch at the pool one day...

One thing I loved about Clearwater Beach is that the sun sets over the ocean. We went out and watched it every night we were there! So pretty. Everyone stands there watching the sun till it goes out of sight and then they all clap. It's like a show!

This is a typical Florida picture. Lots of boats and fishing!

One of the things I love about Florida is all the beautiful flowers and trees. This hybiscus flower was so pretty. And, have you ever seen a jacaronda tree? They are purple and gorgeous and they were everywhere!

Aaaaahhhhhh....I need to look at this and give myself hope that I only have 33 days of school left! haha

Glad I have such a sweet husband!

A beautiful Florida sunset...

So...that pretty much wraps it up. There are lots more pictures, but that could get really long. One night we went into St. Petersburg and had dinner at this delicious steak and seafood restaurant. We ate outside and walked all around the Bay area looking at boats and the water. But all my pictures turned out blurry because it was getting kind of dark.

Anyway...Spring Break was wonderful. It was hard to come back to reality! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's Get Trivial

I made it to SPRING BREAK!!! And my first two days of Spring Break have been so great. I haven't really done much of anything, but just sleeping in and being lazy have been perfect so far! Hey, I am easy to please!

Since I haven't had tons of school stuff to do, I have had a little time to actually catch up on all the celebrity gossip and events going on in the world. We could be on the brink of nuclear war most days and I would have no idea since I am head down in school stuff!

Anyway, I was at the grocery store yesterday and I saw the new People magazine. I am a huge People magazine reader, but I resisted getting it because I know I will want something fun to read on the plane on our way to sunny Florida tomorrow. So I will get it then. But I did see the cover with Jennifer Lopez on it.

She was voted as the most beautiful woman in the world this year. I personally have to agree! Every time I see her on American Idol, I just think she is so pretty. Her hair, her skin...flawless!

I asked Steve if he agreed with that and he said definitely yes! We were trying think of anyone else we would consider really pretty and we both agreed on Carrie Underwood.

I think she has such a natural beauty. Plus she is sweet and I like that!

And speaking of natural beauty, I have to put Kate Middleton in that category!

I remember when I was in high school and Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. I got up at 5:00 in the morning to watch it. Princess Diana was so shy and he seemed so much older than her. But I think Kate Middleton and Prince William are perfect for each other. And she is way prettier that Princess Diana was (in my opinion!) I can't wait for this royal wedding. They are so much fun to watch!

Back to American Idol....who are you pulling for? I think Pia was the best of anyone and I can't believe she got voted off!! What on earth??

But I guess I would pick Casey next. I think he is really diverse and obviously has lots of talent.

And even though I am totally NOT into heavy metal, there is something about James that I like, too.

I know some people think he is an Adam Lambert wanna-be and that may be true, but I still kind of like his edginess.

And, then, my last choice would be Jacob. I like his Luther Vandross vibe.

One of the things that I love to do at the beach is read! So in addition to that People magazine I am planning on getting at the airport, another magazine I want to read is this one...

Steve and I are both nerds and like keeping up with news and politics. So we are taking this one with us. I really like Rob Bell and I am interested to find out what he has to say about hell. I may change my view of him. Have you read anything about that controversy?

I also got this book to take with me, too.

I love biographies and this one is mostly about Ashley Judd's humanitarian work around the world. It looked interesting to me. I am always impressed with people who devote their lives to serving others.

And finally, Steve and I both want to read this book...

Have you read it? Since Steve's dad passed away, we have both been talking alot about heaven and wondering what his dad is up to and what heaven will be like. This is supposed to be the best book to answer those kinds of questions, so we are both interested in reading it.

Before we left, we had to get a big dose of our sweet boy. Ashley and John went out on a date last night so we kept David for them.

He was a little angel all night long and probably got sick of me kissing him half to death.

He has already brought so much joy to us.

He is so precious! Here he is at church this morning...

Being a Nana is going to be so much fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good Stuff

The past few weeks have been pretty much a roller coaster for us. It has been a long time since I have had a minute to blog but I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and love and prayers. We are doing good and things are getting better each day.

The sun is shining here and it is spring and that always puts me in good spirits! This is a pretty dogwood tree that is in our backyard...

And the best part is that it is FINALLY almost Spring Break! Woo hoo!! It has been a loooonnngg stretch without any breaks since January. I think all of us teachers are just hanging on by a thin thread trying to make it to Friday. Steve and I have some fun plans for next week that we are both looking forward to! I will tell you about it soon.

Anyway...I was just thinking that despite everything that has been going on lately, there have still been so many great things and so many blessings at the same time. Life is so funny how even in the saddest and hardest of times, there is still wonder and joy and happiness. That is just the way God shows you His love and takes care of you. A beautiful sunny day, a friend stopping by to offer encouragement, flowers and rain, a good night's sleep, warm meals that someone has prepared and delivered, sweet cards, laughing through your tears, being surrounded by family....all that is the good stuff!

And, I have to say...we've had lots of those good things lately.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Going Home

It has been a really hard week for us. Steve's dad went home to be with the Lord Wednesday night. I don't think I can adequately express the shock we are in right now. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on February 4 and we knew that death was probably inevitable. But we had no idea that it would happen this fast.

Tuesday night he became very ill and was in excruciating pain. Steve and his mom took him to the hospital and it was a downhill slide from there. Steve called me at 4:00 in the morning on Wednesday morning to tell me to come quickly because he didn't think his dad was going to make it. God was good and he DID make it for the whole day. All his children were able to fly in from around the country to be at his side. And many of his grandchildren were able to be there. Everyone was able to talk to him and say the things they wanted to say. We sang to him and read Bible verses and prayed and held his hand and told him how much we loved him. We told him what a good dad and grandfather he had been and how much we were going to miss him. We wanted him to know that everything would be okay and he didn't need to worry. Around 7:30 pm he left his earthly body and went to be with the Lord. We all stood around his bed praying for him as he passed from this life into his eternal life. And there were lots and lots of tears. We will miss him so much. Even though we know where he is now and we know that he is healed, it still hurts.

The past few days have been a blur of friends and food and cards and flowers and lots of family. We are so blessed to be part of a wonderful church family who take such good care of us. They have anticipated anything we might need and already made sure it was taken care of. And our neighbors have been wonderful...bringing meals and helping take care of Rocky. All my sweet teacher friends have been so nice to do anything they could so I wouldn't have to worry about making lesson plans and getting them to school. My principal even called me at home last night to offer her condolences. That was so sweet!

I know the next few weeks and months will be really hard. Steve and his dad were so close. Steve is going to miss him so very much. I hate seeing him so sad. And Steve's mom and dad had been married for 54 years!

How do you adjust to life without someone you have loved for so long? I don't know. But I know God will help us through one day at a time.

I just wanted to share this with y'all. Please keep our family in your prayers. I love you for always being so supportive to me. Thank you all my sweet blogging friends!!

PS-Laura posted a sweet tribute to her Grandaddy here on her blog. I thought it was perfect!