Friday, March 25, 2011

Time Flies

Today is Mark's 21st birthday! Whatttt??? Time flies so fast. I can't believe I have two adult children now! I have this picture in my den and I look at it every day....

and sometimes it's hard to believe that those days are gone and he's all grown up now.

But I will say that he is just as much fun as a grown up!

Mark is such a wonderful son and I love hanging out with him and talking to him about all kinds of interesting things. He is a big talker and always has something deep to discuss (which I love)! Mark is so well-rounded. He is smart, good-looking, funny, friendly, sweet, and athletic!

I don't know where life is going to lead him as he starts this new chapter of his life. He is adventurous and loves world events and politics and learning about cultures and countries, so I know he is going to do something cool and exciting! I couldn't ask for a better son and I am so thankful God gave him to me.

Happy birthday Mark!! I love you so much!

On another note...whew! Thank GOODNESS it's Friday. I guess my class has Spring Fever or something, but it has been a rough week. To top off the behavior issues and some other crazy stuff, I got a soccer ball kicked right in my face today at recess. Ouuuucchhhh! I thought I had broken my nose and my whole face is still so sore. I had blood all over my face and dripping down my hands and clothes. It was not a pretty sight. It was just an accident, but I was so glad when this day was over.

Before I go, I wanted to share two quick things. One is this video. It is so sweet and funny. Bless this dog's heart. You can tell he feels so bad about what he did. It made me smile and it totally reminded me of me with some of my students this week. Is it possible to feel mad at and sorry for someone at the same time? That would be a big YES!! (Especially dogs and kids!)

<a href="" target="_new" title="Dog Feels Guilty">Video: Dog Feels Guilty</a>

Second-I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend--starting now! And I am thinking it may have a little of this in it somewhere...

Please pass the pasta, cheese, and Ro-tel. I could use some comfort food!

Happy Friday! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Mark!! (He was a little blonde boy!! So cute!!)

    I can identify with everything you've said about him in this post. Those momma's boys are somethin'!!

    I've been all about the comfort food lately!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mark!! I dont have the pleasure of knowing him personally, but I can tell by your posts what a cool person he and all your kids are! You have a neatest little family! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. We've been on spring break and it's back to work Monday - whew... I don't think I'm ready for that! lol


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