Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday was my mom's 70th birthday! I can't imagine what it must feel like to turn 70. It's hard for me to imagine that I am a grandmother so I know by the time you turn 70 you must feel like time has just flown by in your life! I think that was a little bit how she was feeling yesterday. But I know she was also thankful for 70 wonderful years that God has given her!

We had a little party last night for her at PF Changs.

My brother Blake and his wife, Angie came. My mom has three sisters and they came, too!

After dinner, I had everybody over to my house. Ashley and John met us over there. They brought David and and we played "pass-the-baby"!

I wish I got to see my brother more. Even though we both live here in Charlotte, he is super busy with his four kids and pastoring his church. And we are always running around like crazy with our busy lives, so I always have fun when we can spend some time together! He is making me laugh with his "serious" face in this picture! :)

I got my mom a Dairy Queen Blizzard cake! Yummmmmm! I tried one at a party I went to recently and it was so good. I had to get one for her. Ours had Butterfinger in it.

I think she had a good time!

Meanwhile, I think I have a sinus infection. I just can't seem to get over whatever this is. Steve had a Z-pack that he never used, so I started taking it this morning. I am hoping I feel better by the next day or two. Being sick for this long is getting old!


  1. I remember an interview with Mel Brooks. He was asked what made him such a happy, confident person. He said he was the first Grandchild on both sides of his family. He said his feet never touched the ground until he was two years old. Totally cuddled and loved!

  2. I hope to look as beautiful as your mom at 70! She looks fab! Happy Birthday to her.

  3. Happy Birthday to you beautiful mom!! I know about the age oldest sister - whom I'm very close to - will be 70 in November!! I just can not fathom that!! She does not look it nor act it.


  4. Aww, didn’t know you had a brother named Blake, or if you have mentioned it before, slipped my mind then… I have a brother named Blake :) Hope you get to feeling better!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom! She's absolutely beautiful and I know you are so thankful for her!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mama! She is beautiful. You guys have the best genes!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  7. OH, I hope you feel better soon! Looks like your mom had a wonderful birthday!!! :-) Those cakes are to die for and I am trying to diet a little before the wedding... sooo tempting though! lol

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