Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Update And Early Valentines

Did you have a good weekend? Ours was really nice. The weather has been so pretty. (Hopefully we have seen the last of bad winter weather, right?) The sun is shining and it has warmed up a little, so I am loving that! I keep looking at my porch thinking it won't be long until I can sit out there again.

We have gotten in a lot of family time this weekend. We went to Steve's parents' house for pizza on Friday night. And Steve's sister from Arizona also came in town this week to see his dad, so we have had fun visiting with her. Then yesterday we all went out to lunch at McAlister's Deli for my niece's birthday.

Steve just wants to spend as much time with his dad as he can right now.

Can I just tell you how blessed I feel to have such wonderful friends? I am so thankful for all of you, my blogging friends! You are such an encouragement to me and you always lift me up in prayer. Thank you! The news we got this week about Steve's dad was what we were expecting. He does have cancer and it can't be removed. So, the next step is chemotherapy. He will start that very soon. It is hard news to hear, but I know God is in control. Please keep praying and I will keep you posted!

Steve and I went out for an early Valentine's dinner last night. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Bonefish Grille. We have figured out a way to beat the system when it comes to long waiting times. We just sit at the bar! We always get seated right away and it's so worth it! The wait was 70 minutes last night, but we just took the first seats available in the bar area and had a fun night with no waiting. We had planned on coming home and watching a movie or something, but apparently we are getting OLD because we both fell asleep about 9:30! haha

Last week I sent Laura and Lindy and Mark their Valentine's Day cards and a little gift. Laura and Lindy love the movie Fever Pitch, so I ordered that for them.

That movie is so much fun because it was filmed live when the Boston Red Sox really did beat the Yankees and ended their terrible losing streak. It is exciting to watch!

Speaking of Laura and Lindy, did I tell you that Lindy bought her boyfriend a puppy for Christmas? She sent me this picture of him yesterday.

Isn't he cute?? He is getting so big!

Anyway...I got Mark a gift card and I am hoping Ashley is going to get a gift of her own very soon!! We are still waiting on that baby!

I also bought cards and candy for my class. Do you remember Fun Dip?

I used to love that when I was little, so I got some for my kids. We are having a party at school tomorrow and they are so excited.

I hope you had a good Valentine's weekend!


  1. I used to love Fun Dip! I bet your kids will love that! I can't wait to see Ashley's baby and hear if it's a boy or girl! I bet she is getting anxious!

  2. I'm still praying for Steve's dad. Is it pancreatic cancer? That's the kind my dad was diagnosed with. Fortunately he was a candidate for Whipple surgery but still endured chemo AND radiation as well. It was a tough road.

    I keep thinking I'm going to hop over here and see that Ashley has had her baby. I'm excited for you. It's fun to have a little "happy" to look forward to in the midst of the stuff with your father-in-law. It will be a boost of joy for ALL of you!!!

  3. I am praying for your family. My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer several years ago. It was in remission until this year. He has had chemo treatments for nine months now. It has been hard. But he is doing so well. We always think positively and pray a lot. It helps.

  4. Happy Valentines...
    Stopping by some of my favorite blogs and some new. Hope you will stop by...On Monday night I am giving away 4 FOUR copies of Ree Drummond's love story. It is I had to buy enough copies to share with my dear blog friends.
    one of the best reads I have read in a long time. Have a happy week....

  5. Prayed for your FIL when I saw you had posted. Just wanted to let you know.

    I know you are all counting the days until that new baby gets here!

  6. Oh, Betsy, I am so sorry about your Father-in-law! I am in prayer for him and your family.

    You have a lot going on right now... I keep thinking I'm going to see a Tweet about Ashley having that baby!!


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