Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Love

This has been a busy week! I still can't believe David is here and I am a grandmother. haha I think it will take a while to get used to that! Last Tuesday was such a happy day for our family. Then I took off Wednesday to spend time with Ashley and the baby and to hang out with Lindy and Mark while they were here. Lindy and I went by the hospital for a little while on Wednesday.

Ashley had so many visitors! Everyone was so sweet to come by and wish her well.

I went back to school on Thursday and Friday. I knew Ashley would be okay since John was home all week. She had plenty of people coming by to see the baby and check on her!

Laura got to come home on Friday, so she was excited to get to meet Baby David!

You can't tell, but David is wearing his little Gamecocks shirt! Is he precious, or what??

I am glad Laura got stay over the weekend. She spent some time hanging out with Steve's parents & played cards over there one night.

Then last night we watched the Oscars together and made banana splits!

I have never watched the Oscars all the way to the end before, but I did this time! Sunday nights are way more fun when I don't have to go to school on Monday! I took the first part of this week off to help Ashley.

This morning Laura and I picked up bagels and took them over to Ashley's. Then Laura left to go back to school and Ashley and I took David to the doctor. Ashley was a little bit worried that he had lost some weight, but when we went to the doctor today, he had gained it all back! He is eating like a little pig! :)

He is such a sweet baby. He loves to eat, sleep, sit in his swing, and cuddle. He DOESN'T like being undressed or having his diaper changed. He was so good today while I was over there. He barely cried at all and slept almost the whole day. Ashley got to take a nap and I even fell asleep, too. It was so quiet at their house!

He is the sweetest thing. I already love him so much!


  1. Everytime I see pics of this sweet boy - it makes me wish I were close enough to hold him!!

  2. Just precious! I still can't get used to being called Mimi.

  3. Congratulations to your family!!!

  4. Enjoy your time off from glad you made time for lots of newborn snuggles. :)

  5. oh, goodness he's just precious!! so excited for your family!!!

  6. This whole post is just precious!!!!! David is so incredibly cute; he’s going to be a heartbreaker :)

  7. He is SO adorable!!!! I love seeing the updates about David!

  8. I am so so happy for your family!! I know your heart will never be the same... you are the BEST mom, you are going to be an even better grandma!!

  9. EEK! He is SO handsome! What a joy for you & your sweet family Miss Betsy! ♥

  10. This post just makes me smile. There is nothing like having your mama with you after you have a baby. I am sure Ashley is so glad to have you there!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is just he sweetest thing!!!! You are just gonna love being a grandma and spoiling the dickens out of that little.

    Have a Blessed day,

  12. He is so precious!! I can't wait to meet him this Sunday and do our photoshoot =)


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