Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seven On Saturday

Well, I made it through my first week of school. It was exhausting, but my class was sweet. I just love them. I got a new student whose reputation preceded him, so I was worried that he might give me trouble, but he has been an angel so far!

Today I am just doing a list. Seven different things that have been going on here or that I have been thinking about. Just random stuff.

1-Today Mark and Lindy both left to go back to school. Laura couldn't leave yet because it was snowing so hard in Boone and we didn't want her driving in that weather. So she will leave tomorrow. I hope she is safe. I get so nervous with all my kids driving across the state in every direction. I have had so much fun with everybody home. I sure will miss them!

2-Since it was just Laura home today, she wanted to go to see a movie this afternoon. We went to see Country Strong. Gwyneth Paltrow did a really good job and the music was good. Laura loved it. I liked it too, even though it was a little depressing.

3-Winter is here and it is freeeezing! Today it was flurrying a little bit of snow and the wind was blowing so hard. The wind chimes on my porch were going crazy. It was just frigid. When we got back from the movie, I made us a big pot of chili and got a fire going. That is how I like to enjoy winter! Now we are waiting for the big snow that they are predicting for late Sunday night or Monday. Yippeee! If we have to suffer through winter, at least give me some snow and a few days off of school. (I know we have to make them up, but it is still fun!)

4-Recently I just happened to be shopping at Wal-Mart and found some fuzzy leopard leggings and they are my new best friends. I wear them almost every day when I get home from school because they are so comfortable and warm. Those pants and my Ugg slippers are pretty much my winter uniform!

5-I have been having dreams about Ashley's baby lately. I can't remember exactly what I dreamed last night, but I do know that her baby had really chubby cheeks and it was so cute. I can't wait to meet that sweet little thing! It is only about 6 weeks away now, but I think she might go early.

6-I have always wondered how people got their Christmas lights to look so pretty in pictures like this one on kevin and amanda's blog...

And I finally found a tutorial about it online. I just happened on this blog and found it here. Too bad it is another year until I can try it, but I wanted to record where I found it because I will be coming back to it next year!

7-If you have been reading my blog very long you know that I have a weird problem. Since I am a teacher, I get lots of gift cards and then I forget I have them stashed away in my purse. Then one day I will look in my purse and find a bunch of them and go on a shopping spree. Well, I found more gift cards this weekend! How did I forget I had an Ann Taylor Loft card that I got for my birthday back in April??? And I bought two iTunes cards for Christmas gifts and forgot to give them! So, it looks like I have $50 worth of songs just waiting for me to download to my iTouch! :) If we do get snow on Monday, I may be doing some online shopping!


  1. Hi Betsy,
    I am a "lurker" from Kelly's blog. Love your blog as I am a teacher too! :) I also get tons of gift cards and forget about them. One of my teacher friends showed me the coolest present she got. It is called a card cubby. You can get them online at It is like a little coupon carrier made for gift cards. It is small and fits in your purse. I think it is a great idea and just ordered one!!

  2. I love your new blog layout! It is so pretty! I can't believe there's only 6 weeks left until you meet your grandbaby!

  3. I LOVE the leggings! I'm such a "sweats" person though, but the leggings would work well too!


  4. I want some Ugg slippers! Those look so comfy!!

  5. HI Betsy! Love the new look!

    Also - thanks for the link for the bokeh pics....hope I can try that next year!

  6. I don't know HOW you could forget that you had an Ann Taylor Loft gift card!! lol

    Finding the ITunes cards is awesome! I usually add songs to my WIsh List in ITunes as I discover them and then whenever I finally DO get a gift card, I spend it all with the click of a button! I have about 25 songs on my Wish List now...just waiting.

    Hope you get to do some online shopping in the next couple of days! Have fun!

  7. First time to comment but have visited before. I am a teacher as well but somehow I keep up and spend immediately those sweet little plastic cards... haha I am going to look up the card cubby that Kris recommended though. I love your blog.


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