Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (a day late) I hope your new year got off to a good start. We had a really nice New Year's Eve. We didn't do anything big. We just went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants-Cajun Yard Dog. Then we came home and watched South Carolina get beat pretty bad. That was a sad game. After that, we barely could keep our eyes open till the ball dropped. We watched it in our pajamas then went to sleep!

Yesterday we took down all of our Christmas stuff. Everything is boxed up and put away and our house looks so plain now. But I do like having all the clutter gone. We worked really hard on that all day. Steve even cleaned out the attic to make everything more organized. For dinner we had the traditional black eyed peas and collard greens.

I know it's better to make them homemade, but if you are pressed for time, I think Margaret Holmes has the BEST blackeyed peas and collard greens and I use her alot! I made a pork tenderloin and rice to go with it and it was all delicious.

John and Ashley came over for a while last night and played games with Laura and Lindy and Sean. They always have fun together.

I have been trying to get our pictures organized and put on a website that will keep them safe if my computer ever crashes or something happens to it. I am actually considering getting a new laptop soon. If you have a good one that you love, tell me what you have and what you like about it!

Tomorrow it is back to reality. I know 5:00 is going to kill me. It has been a nice break though. I've been able to really relax and enjoy being with family and friends. And I have to admit I am a little ready for routine again. we go into 2011! I am praying it is a really good year for you and for me too!


  1. Happy New Year, friend!! I'm going to have to try those canned black eyed peas and greens. If our store has them!

    Praying your first week back is a good one. :)

  2. Happy New Year beautiful! Sounds like a nice one! I can't wait to hear about your solution to picture storage... you know I lost all my electronic copies when my computer crashed! Talk about a hard lesson to learn. Thankfully, most of them are on the Walgreens website where I uploaded them to have them printed. Unfortunately it's not easy on the budget to have them all burned to CD! Have a great fist day back! We don't go back until Tuesday! :-)

  3. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow as life goes back to normal. I LOVE the holidays, and I'm sad to see it go, but now... we have next Thanksgiving/Christmas to look forward to!!

  4. Happy New Year, Betsy!

    We watched that South Carolina game too...and I was cringing for you. Ugh. (Sorry!)

    I am planning to buy an external hard drive very soon to back up all my pics. I've NEVER done that and feel like I'm tempting fate.

    As for a computer/laptop, I love my MacBook and my husband is hoping his new MacBook Air arrives today. We've only used Apple computers for years and we LOVE them. Doesn't one of your girls use a Mac? I think they're worth the cost!


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