Monday, January 3, 2011

Going Back

Well, I knew 5:00 am was going to be hard and it was exactly like I thought it would be. Uuuggghhh....

But once I got up and got going, it was really a pretty good day. Everyone was excited to be back at school. The kids had so much fun telling me all about what they did over Christmas break and what toys they got. They seemed happy to see me and were all in good moods.

I had my camera sitting on my desk so I can take pictures when I need to. (We have to document everything with our new evaluation system, so I keep it at the ready!) One of my sweet little girls said, "Please Mrs. Maddox, take a picture of us together!" They LOVE getting their picture made with me. It's so cute.

This little girl is so sweet I wish I could take her home with me!

I tried not to leave school too late because I am trying to have more balance this year. And when I got home, Steve took the whole entire family out for Mexican. I love when I don't have to cook!! Yay!

So, overall, it wasn't so bad. I'm hoping the rest of the week goes just as well!


  1. What a great start to a new year!! Maybe the last half will FLY by!

  2. I don't know why I almost started crying reading this post! The part about that sweet girl wanting her picture with you - not the part about Mexican food. Though anytime I don't have to cook, that just about brings me to tears of happiness. I'm obviously hormonal.

    You're such a good teacher, Betsy.

  3. So glad your first day back was a good one....always makes for a better week, at least for me it does!


  4. So glad that your after-holiday transition went well! Hope the rest of the year follows suit!

  5. Whew, my class came back with a bang! Lol! They were talkative and didn't care about the American Revolution...ha! :)


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