Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Catch-Up List, no-I haven't fallen off the face of the planet! Haha. I have just been totally, insanely, ridiculously and exhaustingly BUSY!! Y'all...this job may just kill me. Starting in a new grade level, in a new school, and with lots of new standards and expectations makes for non-stop work. between all the working, I HAVE managed to have a little bit of fun, too, and that's what I like to focus on! Let me do a quick re-cap. Since I talked to you last, here are a few things I have been up to.

1-I hosted a Ladies Night for all the girls in my Sunday School class. I fixed dinner for everyone and then we had a friend of mine come speak on "Renewing Your Walk With God". She did such a great job! We had about 16 people and it was a fun night.

2-This is my sweet friend, Leigh Ann.

We have been friends since high school and I love her. We don't get together as much as I wish we could, but she is the kind of friend that when we ARE together, it seems like we have never been apart. You know what I mean, right? We went out to dinner this week and I absolutley loved catching up with her.

3-I got to see Laura and Lindy. They came home this weekend for Ashley's shower. Steve and I took them to dinner Friday night at one of our favorite restaurants...Cajun Yard Dog. It was a busy weekend, but it was fun seeing them!

3-I saw two really good movies...Despicable Me

and The Social Network.

Both were great for different reasons!

4-I have joined the choir and today was my first day to sing in church. I am having so much fun.

5-I attended a wonderful shower for Ashley yesterday that all her grandmothers and aunts threw for her.

There were so many people there and everyone was so very generous and thoughtful. She is a blessed mommy-to-be. The shower was held at our church and I think about 45 ladies were there.

I gave her this painting....

It was done by the talented Jamie Garner! I sent her a picture of Ashley's bedding....

...and she matched her bedding perfectly! Thank you Jamie!

Here are a few pictures from the shower...

Bless Ashley's heart...she was so hot. Her face was so red the whole time. :) Only 3 weeks to go!!

It has been a whirlwind around here lately, but I am trying to slow it down a little this week. I need to enjoy some down time before that sweet baby gets here. Then everything will pick back up again! :)


  1. Wow, Jamie did an incredible job on that painting! It matches Ashley's bedding perfect!!

  2. Betsy, I was beginning to wonder if you were okay :)

    I hate your job is stressing you out so much. Approximately 4 more months and you can breathe - haha. Just think how fun your summer is going to be with a new grandbaby - yippee!

  3. Love those pictures of Ashley and her sweet belly!! She is all belly.

    Glad to hear you're having fun amidst all that work and stress.

    Jamie is SO talented!! I love the painting.

  4. your blog is adorable! come enter my giveaway! it would be great for you or your girls :)

  5. You have been busy! I loved Despicable me too! I want to see Social Network as well.

    Ashley is darling! I bet you can hardly wait to see that sweet new grandbaby!

  6. I just wanted to say how much a love your blog! You seem to have such a great family! Congratulations to Ashley. I had a February baby too and I know that by this point, I was so ready to have my baby!!

  7. Thanks so much for having us over, Betsy! Leigh Ann's message was just what I needed to hear (and I didn't know it!) I've been journalling since and it has been amazing. Thank you so much for loving us so much!

  8. I absolutely love Ashley's bedding and the painting is beautiful! I can't believe her baby will be here so soon! It seems like just yesterday that I met yall and she told me she was pregnant! Wow!

    I know what you mean about being busy with school, although I'm probably not as busy as you are with it! We just started an after school program and I'll be teaching it once a week.

    Hope things slow down for you soon!

  9. SO FUN! Glad you are back! LOVE Dispicable Me - Lily got it for Christmas. I'll have to watch Social Network. I absolutely love your table setting for girls night and your painting for Ashley! Glad you are squeeeeezing in some fun with all the work! xoxo!

  10. Definitely a busy lady!! Loved the table setting! And how special for you to treat your SS ladies!

    Loved the gift for your sweet! She looks great too!


  11. I've missed your updates! You have certainly been busy and have so many more exciting things to look forward to!

    I love the canvas you had done for Ashley. It is so pretty!

    Glad you're back =)

  12. Such a sweet shower for Ashley!!!! Can’t wait to see her sweet baby!!!!! :)

  13. I was starting to worry about u!! Glad all is good love the paint job such a beautiful scripture! Ashley looks amazing I am so excited for all of u! Loved dispicable me too so cute! The shower looked like a lot of fun too! Well enjoy your weekend relax a bit :)

  14. Betsy, I thought I had commented on this post....oh well. Anyway, I love the bedding! My grandson has it! They had it made at a shop over near SouthPark I think...and it looks GREAT in the room! I just had a friend make a cornice out of the same materials to go on the window in his room. Love it!

    Hope you have had a good week and aren't sick. So many are sick in the schools and it's not like you to not post!


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