Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After The Day After

A one-day snow day is perfect! Today it warmed up so the snow started melting and everyone could get back out on the roads. Steve went back to work, but since I didn't have anywhere to go, I mostly just stayed at home! I did join him and some of his co-workers for a nice lunch though, so that was fun.

Laura and Lindy tried to go to the mall and return some things and they said it was nuts. They waited in line for an hour and a half only to be told they couldn't return the item without a receipt (which they didn't have). They were not happy campers after that!

We are still making our way through the Christmas leftovers. (Mark and his friends are helping out with that!)

I haven't put any Christmas stuff away yet. We are still enjoying it and I'm thinking I'll keep it up until New Year's Day.

There has been alot of this going on lately...

Just hanging out, watching movies or football, reading, and being lazy!

Even Rocky likes to get on the couch with us and cuddle...

Tonight Ashley came over for a little while. She got her crib and bedding today and was so excited to show us! I had to take her picture while she was here. She is 32 weeks now! Isn't she getting big??

These past two days after Christmas have been so wonderful. I am enjoying every minute!


  1. I get blue when all the Christmas decorations, music, etc get put away for another year, so I'm going to keep mine up at least til the weekend, too.

    We stayed in our pjs and relaxed pretty much the whole time we were in Texas... I think I liked that the most.

    Ashley looks adorable!!

  2. Ashley's pregnancy is flying by! 32 weeks already? How did that happen?

  3. Love all your Christmas pics - so glad it was a wonderful, white Christmas! So fun!

  4. Ashley looks beautiful! Glad you are all enjoying the season!


  5. Betsy, what breed of dog is Rocky? He is so cute!

  6. Looks like the perfect break for all of you!! Ashley is so cute!! so excited for her and all of you !! So glad you got a white christmas how exciting! Have a great new years too!!

  7. Ashley looks great! She is so cute pregnant!

  8. The Maddox family knows how to do post-holiday. :) Eating leftovers, hanging out in pjs, lots of naps.

    My stuff is staying up until New Years too...I'll be tired of the clutter by then and ready to put it away. I just love looking at the tree every night!

    Ashley is one of the cutest preggers I've ever seen.

  9. I had to get my tree down the morning after Christmas. I love putting it up, but am always so ready to take it down.

    Ashley looks so cute! Wow, it won't be long now :)


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