Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think most of you know that my son, Mark, is studying abroad in Spain, right? Well, back when he decided to study there, Steve and I knew that we would really be missing him and that we would definitely want to go visit him while he was there. So...that is what we did last week!

We have been back for a while, but it is so overwhelming to try and condense a week's worth of traveling and pictures, but I am going to try. I will start with Day 1-Madrid and then I will try to do Barcelona and Santander in the next day or so!


When we got to Spain, we landed in Madrid. I had no idea what to expect because I had never been to Spain before and I really didn't know much about Madrid at all except the there were bullfights there. But I really loved it! It reminded me so much of New York City (which happens to be one of my favorite places ever) minus the skyscrapers, taxis, and theater. But there was lots of great shopping and restaurants and the people were so friendly. Plus the children in Spain are some of the CUTEST I have ever seen! Everyone seems to walk everywhere and there are always lots of people out on the streets.

Each day, Steve and I would get up and go get breakfast (one day we even ate at Dunkin Donuts! haha). By the way, I asked for some milk with my donuts (our waitress spoke NO English). I tried to say "leche". But she ended up giving me a cup of steaming hot milk. That is what is sitting on this tray along with my extremely strong coffee. All the coffee there is like espresso.

Then we would be on our way to try to see as many sights as we could including cathedrals and museums and also just little shops and stores that looked interesting.

We saw lots of things, but one of my favorites was a museum that was having a Renoir exhibit. I love his paintings, and they were so beautiful up close! He uses lots of bright colors, which I really like.

Here I am right outside the museum...

Here are just a few things we saw and did in Madrid-

We visited the Royal Palace of Madrid...

One of the things I love about Europe is all the outdoor cafes. We ate outside at Plaza Mayor...

This is the salad I got...

These are just random pictures of some of our fun!

The dogs in Spain are so well behaved! They never bark or run wild. Half the time, they aren't even on leashes and they are so calm!

Why is Winnie the Pooh staring Steve down? Haha. This made us laugh!

For some reason, all of our hotels had two twin beds pushed together!? By the end of the day, we were ready to fall into bed. We were exhausted! The first day we had jet lag pretty bad, but it got better the next day.

So, that is our trip to Madrid. I will tell you all about Barcelona next!


  1. Looks like ya'll had so much fun! I wish I couldve been there! Love you!

  2. Guess that is the closest I'll come to Spain since I don't travel! :o)

    The pics were beautiful! Looks like y'all had such a great time!!


  3. What a cool trip to get to go on! I can't wait to hear about the rest of it! Looks wonderful!

  4. I always love your tours!

    I was shocked at the number of people at the cafe. Wow!

  5. your blog is always so interesting to read. the pictures are beautiful.

  6. Okay, at this particular time in our lives, I'm REALLY interested in how the dogs were so calm. ha! Having a puppy is hard :)

    Madrid looks beautiful and very busy. What a neat trip. Can't wait to read more.


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