Saturday, November 20, 2010


So....on Wednesday of our trip, we finally got to fly to Santander to see Mark! That is what the trip was really for, but since Mark had class the first part of the week, we weren't able to get together until Wednesday.

We took a bus from the airport to the bus station and Mark met us there. I was so excited to see him! I'm sure it seemed strange for him to see us there. I bet we seemed a little "out of context".

Anyway...we checked into our hotel and then Mark showed us all around Santander.

Santander is very unique because it is on the water, but there are mountains all around.

It has parts of it that are little small houses and neighborhoods and parts that have lots of shopping and plazas. They are all ready for Christmas there, too!

Here are a few pictures of what we saw and did in Santander...

This is where Mark lives.

He basically lives at the top of a mountain and we probably climbed a hundred stairs to get there. I am NOT kidding. I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but look closely and you can see the stairs. They just about killed me. No need for thigh master here! haha

Here is the view from our hotel window. There was a church right next door and every hour we could hear the church bells ring. It was so pretty.

Right across the street was a little playground with this beautiful merry-go-round. After school, lots of mom and kids would come out and play here.

I have to show you something funny. This is the hairdryer they had in the hotel!

That thing was so hard to use and it made my hair CRAZY! But, I didn't bring my own so I had to work with what I had.

The food in Santander was definitely different. There wasn't a whole lot of least at the places that we went to. One of the things you can find everywhere is bocadillos. They are a little sandwich and Mark loves them. He gets them all the time!

We had so much fun talking with Mark and seeing where he has been living. We even got to meet a few of his friends. Here are just a few pictures of us...

I was sad to say goodbye. I am so glad we got to see Mark for a little while, though. I have missed my boy! The last night we were there, we took him and his girlfriend to dinner at a really nice restaurant. It had some very unusual things on the menu like squid cooked in it's own ink! Huh?? Mark actually had baby kid. He really liked it, too! haha We just wanted to do something special before we had to leave. It was a fun night. It is only three weeks until he is back home and I am so happy about that. I hope the time goes by quickly!


  1. I am loving reading about your trip and seeing all of the pictures. It's beautiful! So glad you had a great time seeing your boy!

  2. Okay, those stairs are nuts & that blowdryer is even crazier!! LOL I love the pics...and I love that you're so close to your boy. Your family is precious.

  3. i am LOVING all these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to go to SPAIN!!!!!

  4. I love all these pictures what an amazing trip wow !! Look at everything you saw and did!! A little jealous have to admit it looks so beautiful there! {did you figure out picasa cause those collages look amazing so I'm guessing you have}} Loved reading about it all!!!


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