Friday, November 19, 2010


Spain-Part 2: Barcelona

After we left Madrid, we flew to Barcelona. I think I would compare Barcelona to Los Angeles and Madrid was more like an NYC. Barcelona was on the water and had a more tropical feel with palm trees and boats and a beach.

We stayed at the Palace Hotel. It used to be the Ritz and it was so nice!! I felt so pampered staying there.

Barcelona is where Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first trip to America. There is a really tall statue near the water commemorating this. He is pointing to the New World.

We saw so many interesting things in Barcelona.

Have you ever heard the term "gaudy"? Did you know that it comes from the fantastical architecture of a man from Barcelona named Antoni Gaudi? This is the cathedral that he created.

It is called the Sagrada Familia and, believe me, it IS gaudy! But it is also amazing. Steve and I spent almost a whole morning touring it.

The day before we were there, the Pope was visiting. I wish we could have seen that!

One of the best things about Barcelona was the market. Oh my goodness...that was amazing. I have never been to a market with such beautiful fruit and seafood and meats of all kinds. I wish we could have spent more time there.

Two things that really struck me about Spain were...
1-How sweet and loving all the couples were. So many couples were out walking and holding hands and being very affectionate. They would sit for hours talking in restaurants and cafes and they seemed like they didn't have a care in the world other than just spending time together. The stress level there seems very low to me!

2-The children are BEAUTIFUL. I don't think they can have an ugly baby there! And I was obsessed with their clothes. Every single child I saw was dressed soooo cute! I started taking pictures of all the clothes I saw in the windows because they were so adorable. I loved their little pea coats and leather shoes. And do you know that of all the hundreds of babies that people had out strolling around in their strollers, I think I only heard one or two crying! What is in the water there that makes the babies and dogs so calm??? We need some of that here!

We tried churros for the first time while we were there. They are kind of like long donuts that you dip in chocolate. Steve really liked them! I thought the chocolate was delicious!

Barcelona was lots of fun, but the whole time we were there, we were getting excited about going to Santander to see Mark. I will tell you about that part of our trip tomorrow!

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  1. It looks so beautiful there! I loved seeing your pictures!


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