Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing Along

Today I decided to play along with my friend Heather's tag. She answered a few questions on her blog this week and I haven't done one of these in a long time, so I thought it would be fun to do too!

1. What is my favorite food?
Like Heather, this is a hard one for me because I love just about all food (except pimento cheese, liver, and olives!) and I am not picky at all. But I would have to say that Italian and Mexican food are probably my favorite. I love anything spicy. My favorite restaurants are La Unica, Carrabas, and Maggianos! Mmmmm!

2. What is my most favorite outfit that I feel I look my best in?
Well, my favorite outfit to wear and be comfortable in is probably jeans and some kind of cute top. But I think I look best in dresses or skirts and I wear those alot too.

In summer, I wear lots of dresses and skirts with sandals and in the winter I just add boots! I think I look best in feminine clothes that are pretty colors and have cute patterns.

3. What is my all-time favorite movie?
This one is's Places In The Heart with Sally Field. That is just the BEST movie and I love all the complex characters and themes in it. I love how it is about a strong woman and it has lots of details that remind me of people and places I know. Some of my other favorites are Father of the Bride, Forrest Gump, Jerry Maguire, and The Sound Of Music.

4. Who is my all-time favorite man-crush?
Hmmmm...this is hard for me because I am not really one of those girls who is crazy about any movie star. I've always liked Tom Cruise...

but I think he is a little weird now. And I think Uncle Jessie (John Stamos) from Full House is super cute.

And Donny Osmond used to be my crush when I was growing up!

5. Do I prefer sweet or salty foods?
DEFINITELY salty and savory! I am not into sweets much at all. I do love chocolate, but when it comes to snacking, I am all about chips and salsa, dips, cheese, or anything with lots of good salty flavors.

I can go for days without eating any desserts or anything sweet at all really!

6. What is my best physical feature?
Wow. Let me think. I like my hair most of the time, but I hate how it is so affected by the weather. I do like my metabolism. I can eat pretty much anything I want and not gain too much weight. And I don't excercise nearly as much as I should and it doesn't seem to make me heavier if I don't.

I know I should be thankful to my genes for that one!

7. If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would I go?
Right now, I would probably go to Spain to see Mark. Oh wait... I AM doing that soon! haha If I could pick anywhere else, I think I would go to Hawaii since I've never been there before.

I would also like to go back to Paris. I loved it there and wish I could see more of it and take my time this time.

If you would like to play along, I tag you!! Let me know if you do so I can come see your answers! :)


  1. I love these things its so fun to get to know you even better! I am so excited for your trip to spain how fun!!! hope all is good! oh and lucky you on the metabolism!!!

  2. Talking about mexican food and italian food made me super hungry! I wanna come home and eat all that with you! love you :)

  3. Oh I am so glad you played along! Love your list! Father of The Bride is one of my favorite movies too!! I love chips and salsa, such a good combo!! Tom Cruise is a hunk, but he seriously has some screws loose!! HA!

  4. I’m with you, not much of a sweets person either!!! And if you go to Hawaii, I’m coming with you (And Spain, ha). Loved this, so fun :)


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