Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coming Up For Air

So...I think this is the longest stretch of time that I have gone without blogging. But my life over the past few weeks has been one big blur. It has been super busy getting this year going at school. It seems like in September there are so many meetings and plus, I am new-so I am just learning everything and all that takes time. I leave my house everyday at 6:00 am and by the time I leave school (usually late in the afternoon), run a few errands and get dinner, I am so tired I can barely think, much less blog!

So-to get caught up- here are a few things that have been going on lately and a few that I just wanted to share...

1-Mark is loving Spain! I can't believe he has only been gone for two weeks. It seems like FOREVER! We found out that we can call him and it isn't very expensive at all, so we have gotten to talk to him every 4-5 days or so. Here is a picture of some of his group. He says it is really beautiful there. Steve and I can't wait to go visit in November!

2-Lindy came home last weekend for the Panthers game. She went with her boyfriend, Sean...

Sadly, we lost, but it was fun to see her. Friday night Steve was out of town, so we decided to go to Carrabas for dinner. Then we came home and watched The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. We knew that was a good "chick flick" movie to watch while Steve wasn't here. We also went to the mall on Saturday and just had fun hanging out together.

3-I have been spending tons of time with this group...

They are very sweet and our year is off to a great start. My mom comes in two mornings a week and volunteers in my classroom and that has been such a big help! If teaching were just about the kids, it really would be perfect. It's all the other stuff that makes the job stressful. Plus getting up so early. I feel like I am exhausted all the time right now. Hopefully that will get better as time goes on.

4-I saw this video yesterday and loved it. I love Carrie Underwood and this reminded me of all my girls. It has her mom and her new husband featured in it. It is such a sweet song.

5-Can it please rain soon?? Our grass is so dried up and brown. We have been having a heat wave with no rain for about a month now (or more??) and it is showing. It will be October next week and I don't think the leaves are going to be very pretty this year since we haven't had any rain! Everything will just be brown and the leaves will just drop off the trees. Sad. I'm praying that God will send us a few really good rainstorms here soon.

6-Ashley and John had an ultrasound this week and got to see their sweet baby!

They are waiting to find out what it is, but I am thinking boy. I don't know why, but that is just the feeling I have. Ashley said she thinks so too and she already thinks it looks like John! :)

7-October is going to be a really busy month. Next weekend Ashley and I are hosting a shower for one of her best friends, Michelle, who is getting married. We are going out today to get a few things and this week I will be getting everything ready for next Saturday.

Steve's birthday is coming up on October 6th, so I need to make some plans for that!

October 9th we are going to Boone for the day to see Laura and go to an Appalachian State football game. I wonder if the leaves will be pretty in the mountains yet? Boone and Blowing Rock are at their best at that time of year!

Then on October 16th, we are heading to ECU to see them play NC State and visit Lindy for the weekend. I am glad it will be cooler by then. Sitting out at a football game in blazing heat is not fun to me.

I also need to get my house decorated for fall and start pulling out my fall wreaths and pumpkins, etc.

So I think I need to get going now so I can start getting things done! I hope you are getting some cool temperatures where you are and getting fall off to a good start!!


  1. I don't hear the song but a different song playing.

  2. I was thinking about you earlier today. I'm glad everyone is doing ok! Girl, you are so busy.....don't forget to breath occasionally!!! LOL

  3. Love the song and LOVE your new grandbaby's picture!! Can you believe it????

  4. I've missed your posts. I hope things slow down for you real soon. You know the holidays are coming (last year we were in the thick of wedding plans)... you deserve a quiet, fun family fall/holiday season this year.

    Have you decided what your g-baby is going to call you and Steve yet??

    Your students are adorable!!

  5. I can relate to the busyness...glad you were able to take a breather to blog!


  6. I watched Back Up Plan the last time Alex was out of town...cute movie! I love the u/s pic of Ashley's baby...I think a boy too! Have you decided on what the baby is going to call you??

  7. I'm so glad you posted the picture of Ashley and John's baby! HOW PRECIOUS! I have a feeling it's a boy!

    I've been wondering where you've been, but I figured with the start of school, you've been busy! I definitely understand!

  8. You are one busy woman and you aren't slowing down anytime soon it sounds like! You always have some fun things going on =)

  9. I have missed your posts! So glad Mark is having a great time in Spain, what an incredible adventure! I really like Carrie's new song, so good and I cry too! Love that photo of your sweet grandbaby!! Precious!


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