Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Early Birthday

Since we've been back from Miami, it has been really busy at our house. We are on the countdown until Laura and Lindy go back to school so we have been trying to get last minute things done and get in some fun time together, too.

Laura and Lindy have been busy making cute things for their apartments and finishing projects. (They are so creative!) They have also been spending time with friends and family. They have been able to get together with their grandparents and cousins and neighbors and girlfriends. Last night it was a rare night when we were all home together. I told them I wanted to get a picture of them while I could!

Since they are leaving soon, we wanted to celebrate their birthdays while they were here. Their birthday is August 24th, but they will be gone. So....today was the day we decided to go out to dinner and open presents, etc.

Ashley and I went shopping for birthday gifts at the mall today. We took Bailey and Brooklyn with us. Bailey was having a great time dressing up while Ashley and I shopped!

Brooklyn was ready for a nap!

Tonight we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants...Cajun Yard Dog. Both sets of grandparents came (except for my dad who was at church.) It was a fun night.

I can't believe Laura and Lindy are about to be 19! They are such sweet girls and I am so proud of them.


  1. Aww, happy early birthday Laura and Lindy!!

  2. Your little family is so cute! :)

  3. Betsy, you have a beautiful family. I know you are so proud!

    Happy Birthday Laura and Lindy!

  4. I was just going to ask are they twins? new to your blog.
    My daughter is heading back to college August 20th!

  5. Happy early birthday to Lindy and Laura!

  6. Aw, hope Laura and Lindy have a wonderful birthday and so glad you got to celebrate with them while they were home! Love your precious family!!! :)

  7. I can't believe they're about to start their second year of college!!

    Happy Early Birthday, Laura and Lindy!

  8. your twins are goregous...as are your other kids...and you! :)

    my dad lives in charlotte, next time i visit i'll have to recommend eating at cajun yard dog.

  9. 一棵樹除非在春天開了花,否則難望在秋天結果。..................................................

  10. So fun! They grow up TOO fast.

  11. These are great pictures Betsy and so glad you got to celebrate with them before they left! They look so young!! :) Happy early birthday to your girls!!


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