Thursday, August 12, 2010

8 Random Things

Today is just a list of randomness. There are so many things going on at once right now because it is that time of year when everything is shifting and changing. So we will just hit the high spots today!

1-First of all, I love summer. I really do. It is probably my favorite season. But last night I was out around 10:00 pm, going on a last minute Target run with Lindy, and it was still almost 90 degrees outside! Seriously...this heat and humidity is a little out of control at this point. I went into Bath and Bodyworks yesterday and all their yummy fall candles were out. I was so tempted to get one, but it is still too hot outside to fool myself into thinking it's fall. It won't be long, though, before I am getting one of these...

2-My house is finally getting back to normal. Laura and Lindy have moved their stuff out and I can now see the floor in our guest room again. And the garage only has a few more days until it will be somewhat back to normal. And I will be taking my school stuff back to school next week! Isn't a nice, uncluttered house the best thing? It sure does make me happy.

3-I am almost finished reading Radical. Wow...that is a CONVICTING book! I would challenge you to read it just to get yourself thinking.

4-Poor Rocky. It is really too hot for him to go outside and go for walks or play right now. So every time I sit on the couch, he brings a toy and puts it at my feet. He practically begs people to play with him so he can run off some of his energy!

5-I want to see Eat, Pray, Love. I didn't read the book, but the movie looks really interesting to me.

6-I am so excited about football season starting! The Panthers are playing tonight in their first pre-season game against the Baltimore Ravens. (Michael Orr plays for them. You know...the guy from The Blindside?) We are also planning on going to several college football games this fall at NC State, ECU, and Appalachian. Plus we are looking forward to some Friday Night Lights watching my nephew Bryson play football. He will be a senior this year and that is always so much fun. I miss my kids being in high school and going to those games on Friday nights!

I just saw this video and it just about made me cry. If you want to get pumped for some fall football, you need to watch it!

7-Tomorrow we are going to Greenville to see Lindy's apartment and say goodbye to her. She and Laura drove up today and unloaded everything by themselves and got it all fixed up. We are just going to see it and say one last goodbye to her. Laura will head back to Appalachian on Sunday and then everyone will be where they need to be and we will be done with college moving (and shopping sprees!)

8-I have had fun reading Babbling Abby's blog this week. She has dedicated the whole week to teachers and getting back to school. My "teacher brain" is starting to kick in right about now so it has been fun getting new ideas. Next Wednesday is my first day at my new school. I have no idea what to expect, but I know it will be an adventure. I am going in with lots of energy and excitement because I know God sent me on this assignment and I know He has it all in His control!

7-I saw THE craziest interview I think I have ever seen this week on the Today Show. Natalie Morales was interviewing this family...

and I have never in my life seen a reporter have this much trouble keeping the interview under control. It will make you laugh and break out in a sweat just watching it! Here is the link.

8-We went to a funeral this past weekend for the sister of a good friend of ours who passed away last week. She was only 29 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor just 11 weeks ago. She had three little children and I have just had her family on my mind all week. She was a sweet, nurturing, fun, bubbly mom, wife, and friend. I know her family is going to miss her so much.

If you can, please remember this family in your prayers. I can't imagine how hard this is going to be on them.

Thank you blogging friends!! :)


  1. Hey Betsy.....I love Boys of Fall too! Our best friends Rick and Kaye Jones live in Celina, TX where part of the video was shot. Rick is the defensive coach for the Celina Bobcats and his youngest daughter, Taylor was a Sr. cheerleader there last year during filming. We were so hoping that Taylor would be in the video, but they cut the Celina cheerleaders out. However, during the video, there is a shot of the townsman meeting in the mornings for coffee at one of the Celina cafes and in the background it shows alot of newspaper clippings hanging on the walls, well Taylor's picture is actually hanging on the wall. It is such a neat video and it really gets you excited about football season!

    I hope you have a wonderful school year at your new school.

  2. My first thought about Eat, Pray, Love is "oh, I wish I could go see that movie with Betsy".

    I've been thinking about you starting at your new school. I can't wait to hear what God has in store for you there.

    My heart is just breaking for that young family who has experienced such loss!!! I'll be faithful to pray especially for them.

  3. I have a confession...I bought FOUR Bath and Body Works candles the other day in the fall scents. I am TIRED of this nasty hot Georgia weather. It rained today and was hotter outside. We're pretending it's football season inside our house.


  4. I LOVE summer but I sure love fall too! The best part is the smells of the candles. Sorry to hear about that young family, that breaks my heart. Prayers being said.

  5. I love summer too....but this summer has been really rough. I don't tolerate "hot" weather very good, so I've suffered!! But yes!! Fall will be here soon!!!

    How sad about the young mother and wife that passed away!! So young, and so are the children! Praying for this family.....


  6. I want to see that movie too… I think I’m going to go with a bunch of girls from work!! Praying for that precious family. So sad to hear :(

  7. Betsy...I love the randomness...every bit of it., my heart is so sad for this young woman who leaves behind this precious family. Praying for them now.


  8. Oh my goodness, I feel horrible for that family, that is awful! My heart hurts for them and I don't even know them. I will pray for them!

    Those candles look like they smell really good, I might need to pick them up! :) I have heard mixed reviews about that Eat, Pray, Love movie, let me know what you think!!

  9. I LOVE fall candles. My fave smell is Candy Corn....which i like to eat too.

    So great to see your list...And I will be praying for that young mom's very sad.

  10. So sad about your friend's sister - I will certainly pray for them!

    I have been drooling over the TV every time I see anything football oriented! LOL! I have also been watching Hard Knocks - this year it's the Jet's training camp! I am getting geared up and can't wait for the season to being in full swing! I have my fantasy draft coming up! :-) Bring on fall!!! (We cheered at the Jamboree last night and the heat index was 107 - OH. MY. WORD. - we need FALL!!)

  11. Hey Betsey... I stop in sometime to read your blog. You do an amazing job! I don't have a blog... but one day! I want to tell you I loved that Kenny Chesney Video. Showed it to a friend and to my husband... they both loved it. Kenny took a break from touring and he wanted to get back to his roots. He said in an interview that Football helped him do that. Do you see him near the end with his Mom escorting him across the field? That may have been his father too. Anyhoo... loved seeing that! Good Luck with your new school year and your new digs! I've been teaching for a long while, I love it but I sure will miss summertime! I changed to a new school 3 years ago...I know what you are feeling... but all will be good! Just pray! Nancy from OHIO

  12. P.S. I am praying for that young family! Nancy from OHIO

  13. great post! I'm a little excited for fall for school to start and for sweaters fall scents and all of it! And we haven't even had the best summer heat wise here!


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