Saturday, July 3, 2010

Please Come To Boston

If you are old like me, you might remember this song. I used to love it and I have had it in my head all day! haha This morning we left Hyannis Port and drove to Boston! I have never been here before, but I am learning alot about it already. Did you know that Boston is the home of...

*The first public school
*The first post office
*The first chocolate factory
*The first regularly published newspaper, and...
*The first printing press????

It is very historical!

When we got here today, we went to the campus of Harvard University. There are so many prestigous schools here like MIT, Boston College, Wellesley College, etc. I have never seen Harvard before, but you feel very academic just walking around there!

This is Harvard Yard...

And these are just pictures of the campus. It really is pretty!

Everyone is into the World Cup here. Even though it was just the morning, this whole restaurant was PACKED with people even standing outside just to be able to see the TVs. Germany was playing Argentina. If you look carefully, you can see Mark standing in the back of the crowd. Every time we passed a pub or sports bar, he would run in to see who was winning. You could hear the buzz as you were walking down the sidewalk so you knew you were getting close to a game somewhere!

There were some guys playing chess on campus. I wish I knew how to play chess! I think it makes you smarter. :)

When we left Harvard, we headed over to Beacon Hill. This is a very picturesque neighborhood with brick sidewalks and beautiful windowboxes and lots of good restaurants and shopping.

Here are just a few of the windowboxes we saw...

For lunch we ate at Sevens. We all loved it. We got sandwiches like French Dip and Ruebens and everything was delicious. They have really good potato salad, too!

After lunch we stopped by Beacon Hill Chocolates and got some candy! They had amazing chocolates and beautiful boxes to put them in, too!

I think we were all a little tired this afternoon because we came back to the hotel and all fell asleep! We needed that.

Tonight we went to dinner at an Irish pub in the Quincy Market area called Ned Devine's. We were just saying at dinner that we made good food choices today because everything was really good!

After dinner we went out and just walked around because there is so much going on at Quincy Market on a Saturday night! There are street artists and performers and bands playing and the waterfront is so pretty. It was a fun night.

Tomorrow is July 4th and I am excited to see how they do it up here in Boston! Hope you have a great holiday!


  1. I love reading about Boston! The pictures are wonderful too! It really looks like a beautiful place to see!
    Happy 4th !!

  2. Seriously, this is one amazing trip you are having! Have a wonderful Boston July 4th!!! :)

  3. Betsy, I am a long time reader but have never commented before. I have to say I am getting such a kick out of your vacation blogs as I am from Boston! (Although I live a little south of there now, halfway between Boston and the Cape.) My family has a cottage "down the Cape" so we are there most of the summer and go to Newport quite a lot too! The mansions are AMAZING!

    It is so fun to see your family in my neck of the woods. All your blogs about the South are so different to me, as my little corner of new England seems to be to you.

    I hope you enjoy Boston. It really is a great city. My husband works at a hotel in Boston. Hmmmm, wonder if he checked you guys in!?

  4. I am loving all of your pics!! Chad and I visited Boston a couple of years ago and we loved it so much!! So glad y'all are having a great time away. Happy 4th to your sweet family!


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