Friday, July 2, 2010

Hyannis Port

We are one of those families who is always on the go on vacation. Every once in a while we go on a vacation where we just relax and read books and hang out, but most of the time we are busy the whole time. We have had so many new things to do and see on this trip, so we have been staying very busy! When we got up this morning, the weather was so cool it felt just like a fall day! I loved it.

We ate breakfast at a little local restaurant right across the street that was so cute. It was all decked out for the fourth of July and they had good coffee and eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. for pretty cheap. I like places like that. You feel like you're in your grandmother's kitchen! :)

Laura and Lindy have reeeaaallly been wanting to see the latest Twighlight movie and Mark has been missing the World Cup games, so after breakfast, we took L & L to an early showing of Eclipse and Mark stayed back to watch some soccer. Meanwhile, Steve and I went to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park that was right on the water and just enjoyed the beautiful morning together.

The bad thing about there only being two of you together is there is no one to take your picture! So we tried to take our own pictures...

When we left there, we went and picked up Laura and Lindy and Mark and went to lunch at a local restaurant called The Black Cat. I got clam chowder again! I love it and you can't beat clam chowder up here in New England. I still want to get a lobster roll before we leave.

Then we decided to go to a little town at the end of Cape Cod called Provincetown that we had heard was a neat place to visit. It was definitely ecclectic and funky with lots of little shops and restaurants. When we got there, we realized that apparently there was some kind of gay/lesbian event going on this weekend. We browsed around for a little while and then came back to Hyannis Port.

I love all the flowers here! And everything is so patriotic and decorated for July 4th...

This is one of their funky t-shirt shops. You could get a very 70's vibe here!

I think one of the prettiest things about being here is the water with all the boats on it. We have loved walking around on the beach!

Laura and Lindy have had fun taking pictures...

When we had a minute to stop and sit down, Mark tried to watch a little bit of the World Cup on his phone!

Tonight we ate dinner in Hyannis Port. We ate at a pizza place that was delicious!

Then we had some fun at a store called Kandy Korner. We are nerds! haha

Today we are off to Boston! I will tell you all about it tomorrow!


  1. Seriously, I want to be on this trip with you!!!!! So fun and amazing pictures and so beautiful!!! :)

  2. You guys look like you are having so much fun! And you're making me want to visit New England sometime.

  3. It looks so fun!! I can't wait to go some day.

  4. Now I have been here...loved it!


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