Friday, July 30, 2010


When summer begins, I usually have a mental "to-do" list about a mile long of things I really want to try or accomplish in the 10 weeks I have off. These things could include anything from books I want to read to projects I want to get done to recipes I want to try. And always on my list somewhere are new restaurants I want to visit! This summer was no exception. Although I didn't really have any specific places in mind, I knew that I wanted to discover at least a few of great restaurants/diners/cafes that Charlotte has to offer.

So when Laura told me about a little French bakery here called Amelie's Bakery, I knew we had to try it!

Let me back up for a minute. Several years ago our whole family went to Europe for a little over two weeks and it was one of the most interesting and memorable trips I have ever been on. We visited London, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Interlaken, and several other European cities. But my very faaaaavorite was Paris!! Oh my goodness, I fell in love with that city!

Paris is just beautiful with its romantic architecture and gorgeous cathedrals. I loved the history of it and the fact that it was a big city, but had a peacefulness to it. So many streets we walked down seemed to be tree-lined and serene.

There are lots of bicycles and parks and people outside reading or talking wherever you go.

I loved the flowers...

and the art and the shopping...

and the museums and the city all lit up at night. But one of the things I especially loved were the outdoor cafes that seemed to be on every corner...

and the patisseries that were impossible to pass by without being drawn into! We stopped by one of these every morning we were there.

Croissants, tarts, cookies, baguettes....Oh, they were all so delicious. And I'm not even a bread and sweets person! we wanted to relive the yumminess that we remembered from our trip and Amelie's Bakery did not disappoint! When Pioneer Woman was here back in May for a book signing, she even wrote about how good it was here.

She said, "Oh my ever loving gosh. These are the yummiest pastries I’ve ever had. Someone brought me a box at my signing in Charlotte Friday night and it changed the course of my life." hahaha!

Amelie's looked very Parisian when we walked in. It was so cute and decorated with a very French vibe. Sometimes, though, a place can be cute, but the food doesn't measure up. That was not the case today! There was so much to choose from, it was so hard to decide. So we ended up getting pretty much a pastry sampler and trying lots of different things! We tried the chocolate pastry, the strawberry and cream cheese pastry, coconut macaroons, carmel salted brownies, chocolate cream puffs, a spinach and asiago tart, and a few other things I can't remember. Plus we tried their hot chocolate and their latte with a carmel spoon! Yes, we might have gone a little overboard. Haha!

We all gave it an A+. We would definitely go back and we agreed it was a really fun place to eat.

I also wanted to mention that a few weeks ago, we discovered a little restaurant that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (on the Food Network) called Dish. It is not very big, but it was delicious! It serves homemade dishes like chicken and dumplings, meatloaf, and salmon patties. We all enjoyed it and I have added it to my list of good places to eat in Charlotte!

I have one more place I would like to try before the summer is over. It's called Cabo Fish Taco and I think it was also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. But anywhere serving fish tacos is right up my alley!

This part of my mental "to-do" list has been really fun. I wish everything was this easy to check off!


  1. So yeah, you pretty much now have me wanting to hop on the first plane to Paris, haha!!! :)

  2. That place looks delicious!

  3. My daughter took me to Amelie's one time. It was so delicious! I will have to let her know about Dish, in case she doesn't know about it. I have heard of the Taco place too. I love to try new restaurants. Glad you are having a wonderful summer. Enjoy the rest of your time before school starts. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. oh my you always have so much fun and see so many amazing places that you make me want to travel too!!! Love your summer post too! looks like your having a great summer!

  5. You have been on some AMAZING trips!! We can't wait for Amelia to be an age to where we can travel like that as a family. So many places we want to go.

    I love that you tried practically everything they have a love for good food, similar to my own. LOL

    Looking forward to more food reviews from Charlotte! :)


  6. I've been planning to go to Amelie's since Pioneer Woman posted about it! Can't wait to try it!!


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