Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Saturday

One of the best things about the summer to me is all the fresh vegetables that are in season. I think vine-ripe, homegrown tomatoes are probably one of my favorite things in the world! They are something completely different than what you get in a grocery store. I don't think they taste alike at all really. And, unfortunately, you can only get the good kind of tomatoes during the summer from someone's garden. when I woke up, I was really wanting to get some of those yummy tomatoes and a few other things that I love like corn on the cob and some peaches. So Steve and I picked up Ashley and headed to the North Carolina Regional Farmer's Market. I had never been there before and had heard alot about it. It was so much fun and it had every delicious thing you could think of there!

Here is Ashley with the flowers we bought...

I got some corn and tomatoes and blackberries that were HUGE!!

I made a BLT for lunch and tomorrow I think I am going to make a homemade blackberry pie.

This afternoon the heat continued, so we decided to go to the pool for a few hours. It was fun, but seriously we had to pretty much get in every five minutes just to be able to take the heat!

Tonight we got to do something really special. My youth pastor from high school, Ken Dibble, was in town, so we went over to my brother's house for kind of a reunion/cookout. Here I am with my brother, Blake...

Ken was even in our wedding, but we haven't seen him in probably 25 years!

Here he is with Blake and Angie...

He was such a good youth pastor for us and played a big role in our lives. He was really young at the time and he would play basketball with the guys and come eat lunch at school with us and he just took a lot of time to talk to us and be a good role model for us. So tonight was really fun! Our youth group was really big, but this get-together was kind of last minute, so only a few of us could come.

While we were talking and hanging out, we had the South Carolina vs. Clemson baseball game on because if USC won tonight, they got to go to the College World Series. And they won!!! Woohoo!! We are pretty excited at our house! Go Gamecocks!


  1. I could live on tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer. LOVE THEM. Alex doesn't eat either...can you believe that!? Strange man.

    These pics are making me want to head to our Farmer's Market tomorrow!

  2. I love a home grown tomato good! Those blackberries look delicious!!

  3. How fun that you got to get together with your old youth pastor!!!

    And please send me a piece of that pie!!! :)

  4. Betsy, I am so glad that you had a great weekend! I love the farmers market!! I am going to go with my dad this week! You look so pretty in all these pics and so do your girls! Glad you got to reconnect with your youth pastor and hang out, fun!!!

  5. I love going to the farmer's market here! And I love tomatoes! I am actually making BLTs tonight for supper with some fresh tomatoes.

    How fun that you got to see your youth pastor! My parent's old youth pastor just moved back to our hometown so my mom and dad have gotten to see him recently after many years!

  6. There is nothing better then fresh fruit and veggies. Those flowers look amazing!

    What a special treat to spend time with your youth director. They hold such a special place in our hearts!

  7. I love summer produce and all the yummy recipes for pie too!!
    Woohoo for summer :)

  8. I was inspired by your blackberries yesterday and bought some myself this morning at the Farmer's I am off to google a Blackberry Pie/Cobbler recipe!! Love summer fresh veggies!!!


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