Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heatwave has literally been almost 100 degrees here today and I think with the heat index, it was! This past week has been extremely hot. Today my little nieces, Bailey and Brooklyn came over for a little while. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a baby pool for them to play in. Bailey loved it...

but Brooklyn wasn't as excited about it. She preferred to stay on the deck and eat goldfish!

Once they left, it was so hot that I decided I needed to put my bathing suit on and go get in that baby pool myself! So I took my magazines and a drink and I actually stayed in the pool for over an hour just relaxing and enjoying not being hot! :) I think I will be doing that often! Rocky even got in there with me and he loved it too. He LOVES water. I could keep him entertained all day with the hose! Look how hight he will jump just to get in the water!! He is a crazy dog. haha

I am loving summer. I think I am still trying to catch up on my rest though. I don't know if it's the heat or just that I was so tired from the end of the year or what, but I have been taking naps every day and sleeping late, too! I feel a little bit guilty about all that sleeping, but I know I better enjoy it while I can.

And I haven't watched this much TV in I don't know HOW long!! Yesterday I was watching Oprah and I saw the little girl that I blogged about here.

Have you ever seen her?? Her name is Charice and she is from the Philippines and let me tell you...that little girl can sing like crazy!! Plus she is adorable. I just heard she has been signed on to the cast of Glee! Glee is going to be so good with her on it and John Stamos, too! I love that show.

Another show I am excited about watching is Boston Med. Have you seen the previews for it? It is a real life hospital and it follows the lives of the doctors and nurses that work there. It kind of reminds me of a show called Hopkins that came on a few years ago that was really good. I love stuff like that, so I know I will enjoy watching it. I already have my TiVo programmed to record it.

Another good thing about summer...I can watch lots of TV and get caught up on everything I have been missing out on all year!! Yay for summer!


  1. That pic of your dog is hilarious!! It's so hot...I'm thinking of locking myself in my home until Fall!!

  2. I too have been very tired! With the planning of my daughters wedding and school finally being over for a few weeks, I can finally relax! We start back mid August, it will be time by then to see those kids again !!
    The little pool looks so nice and cool, our Lab has one and we cant keep him out of it!
    Relax and Enjoy your summer :)

  3. I have yet to get on the glee bandwagon, but think I need to hop on it!! :) And a day in the pool relaxing sounds really good right about now!!!

  4. I too want to watch Glee from beginning to end so I can watch it this fall. I think I'll go start right now!

    Too funny about the baby pool! I've done that too!

  5. I love Glee too! I have seen Charice on Oprah. She has such a powerful voice coming from such a small person. She will be great on Glee.

  6. It is so hot here, too! Love the picture of your cute!

  7. That picture of your dog jumping in the water is cracking me up!! Great timing Betsy!! I am so glad that you are enjoying your summer! Enjoy catching up on your favorite shows!!

  8. I haven't heard of that Boston Med show, but I did watch the other one similar to it a couple summers ago, so I'll have to check it out!

    Has this June not be CrAzY H.O.T.? I can't imagine what August is going to be like! Maybe I need to invest in a baby pool - kinda sounds relaxing to me! lol. Stay cool! Love you!

  9. Hi Betsy! Long time reader, first time commenter! I love reading your blog! :)


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