Thursday, June 17, 2010


Greetings from sunny Florida! Before school got out, my girls and I decided to take a much needed vacation to somewhere tropical and beachy. It has been a long year and I think Ashley and I especially needed to rest and relax and celebrate school being out. I have been so looking forward to it!! So we drove all day on Tuesday and finally got here Tuesday night around 7:00. It was a long day, but it was worth it! Steve's brother, Mike, lives here and he is always so sweet to let everybody come stay with him whenever we want to! When we got here, he made us some fajitas on the grill for dinner. He knows what we like! :)

Of course, one of our favorite things to do here is go to the beach, so that is what we did most of the day yesterday. We just load everything up and pack a cooler with drinks and sandwiches and take a quilt, towels, and umbrellas and make ourselves at home for the day.

It was blazing hot here yesterday. I think the heat index was like 104 degrees or something, but the water felt so good and we had so much fun just being lazy.

After we left there, we headed over to the pool for the rest of the afternoon...

After spending the whole day in the sun, we decided to go get Thai food for dinner and do a little shopping at City Place. Here we are right before we left...

Ashley and Laura about to eat some yummy Thai food...

City Place is so pretty at night. We love it there...

This morning Ashley and I got up and went to the Farmer's Market. It is really interesting because they have so many things that we have never seen before! We had the best time browsing around looking at everything. Plus I got some fresh pineapple and some beautiful, homegrown tomatoes!

These are cactus leaves. I have no idea what people use these for??

And aren't these baby bananas cute? haha

If I lived here, I would go here all the time! Everything looks so fresh and yummy!

Today we decided to just hang out at the pool and read magazines and swim and be lazy.

This afternoon we came home for a little while and took naps and read and watched Food Network and just layed around for an hour or so before we started getting ready to go out to dinner. We went to one of our favorite places here...Rocco's Tacos. If you have read my blog for very long, you might remember that we saw Kelly Ripa here last year! Anyway...they have the BEST guacamole ever and we got fish tacos too. Yummmm!

After dinner, we walked down to where a band was playing '50s music. Everybody had their lawn chairs and blankets spread out and people were dancing and enjoying the beautiful night.

There is also a big fountain there that kids love to play in. We took our kids there every year when they were little and it's so cute to watch! Mike and his girlfriend met us down there and we had fun listening to the music and walking out on the new boardwalk was just built out on the water.

We have been having so much fun but time is flying and tomorrow is our last day! We are planning to go to Delray Beach. I will fill you in on everything later! :)


  1. FUN! I am living vicariously through your vacation and it looks amazing (and well deserved!)

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love girls trips and I LOVE LOVE the beach! I think I could live there! Y'all do vacations like me - a lot of sitting, reading, sunning, and being lazy! :-) Enjoy your last day!

  3. JEALOUS. MUCHO JEALOUS. And, your twins are so cute and trendy. They make me miss my college years. Glad you are all having a good time!

  4. Betsy, I am so glad you get to do this with your girls!!! SO FUN!!! THe pictures are awesome and yes, we would have so much fun together!! :)
    Can't wait to hear more, you all look beautiful!! Enjoy your last day there!!

  5. Wow it looks like you girls had an amazing weekend!!!! I might need to bring this idea up with mom and sister HA!


  6. So glad you and the girls have had this time to just chill! What a great place to go.

  7. Fun times!!! My mom and sisters and I did this for years and years! I need to start it with my own now! Glad you had a great week and made some precious memories!

  8. Oh how I love the beach! You girls are so cute!!

  9. So fun!! Looks like you got some much needed R&R!! Your girls look so much like you...

  10. So incredibly fun and soooo jealous! Wish I could have seen ya!!! :(


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