Monday, April 12, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Well, Spring Break went by wayyyyy too fast! I just can't believe it's over and I am back to work. It was so much fun while it lasted and I really couldn't have asked for a nicer week. The weather was just gorgeous and I got to have my cake and eat it too....a few fun trips AND some staying at home and relaxing!

Here are a few highlights of my week....

1-After I went to Charleston and Boone, I got to stay at home and do something I feel like I never get to do...READ! I picked up a book at our church library on Sunday and I am loving it! It is called A Lineage Of Grace by Francine Rivers.

I really like Francine Rivers and I have read a few of her Mark of the Lion books but this one has been great too. It is just five short stories of the women in the Bible who were part of Jesus' lineage. She really knows how to make Biblical characters come to life and I love that!

2-Even though the weather was beautiful this week, the pollen was ridiculous! I took a picture of the table on our screened in porch one day.

Can you believe that?? It took me about 2 hours on Saturday to finally get all the pollen swept up and vacuumed up and mopped up. And I went outside today and there is already another layer everywhere. Uuuuggghh!

3-If you read my blog much, you know that I am the queen of gift cards! I am always finding them in my purse and in drawers. Well, not too long ago I found one that I had gotten for my birthday in April last year and it was about to expire at the end of this month. It was to a really nice restaurant called Maestro's. The restaurant is in an old house and it has a wonderful chef. So Steve and I used that gift certificate this weekend before it expired!

I got steak with blue cheese crumbles on top with mashed potatoes and asparagus....

And Steve got salmon....

4-I saw the movie Up In The Air with George Clooney. That was kind of sad and interesting too. I'm glad I just got it on Movies On Demand and didn't see it in a theater, but it was entertaining.

5-Mark came home this weekend because he had gone to visit a friend at another school and was on his way back through. Plus his computer completely crashed, so we had to get him another one. Boo!

6-We went tree shopping. I think I told you we had to cut down those reaaaaalllly tall trees we had in our front yard, so now it looks bare. I really love the cherry blossom trees that are so pretty right now, so I think we are going to buy one of those. The one I want is called a Yoshino Cherry and it blooms with pale pink blossoms and spreads nice and wide. It's beautiful!

Well, that just about sums everything up. I have to get to bed early tonight. The fun is over and it's back to reality! I hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try...................................................

  2. I agree with you! Spring Break went by way too fast! I'm glad you had a great one, though! The pollen here is horrible, too!

  3. Pollen is everywhere here!!! It is driving my allergies out of control! I have always wanted to read one of Rivers book. glad you are enjoying your free time!

  4. Hi! Long time reader, first time commenting! I think your family is just adorable and I enjoy reading your perspective on life! I had to comment when I saw you were reading Francine Rivers. My book club just read her book Redeeming Love and it was AMAZING! Loved it! I definitely recommend it!

  5. I love the POLLEN picture. That's hilarious.

  6. I love the POLLEN picture! That's hilarious. :)

  7. Great update! Loved the pollen pictures... it is REALLY giving me a go this week! Whew! Looks like you had a great time on break! We are testing this week and then it's all down hill from there! Can't wait to coast on in to summer!

  8. My spring break is over as of today too. We have had low 80's and sunny blue skies in Middle Tennessee. With the exception of all of that pollen too.

  9. I escaped the NC pollen and slipped away to the beach this weekend. It is glorious here! Hope your first week back was a good one!

  10. Holy pollen!! Those blossoms are so beautiful it would be fun to have a tree like that~ Love the pictures you are a gift card queen but you know how to use them yummy!! Glad you had a great spring break back to the grind eh!! Soccer starts here and things are crazy oh well thats life right!

  11. I LOVE Francine Rivers.

    I had mixed feelings about Up in the Air. It was a little too "rough" for me, but did you know that the people they were firing WEREN'T actors?? They were people who actually just lost their jobs. I thought that was a genius move on the director/writer's part! It was so believable.

    Hope you had fun in Atlanta!


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