Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Fever

Well...the temperature has taken a nose dive here over the past few days, but Spring Fever has set in with FULL FORCE in my classroom this week!

My class has decided to go completely wild and they have given me a run for my money over the past few days. I have had to become strict and I am not usually like that. But, they are really a sweet group and I still love them so much even though they have worn me out!

After school today I decided I needed to treat myself to a pedicure and that was so nice! I needed to just sit in that chair and let someone massage my feet. I hardly ever get a pedicure, but it was so relaxing. Plus I saw a friend there so we got to talk and catch up.

This is the last week for Steve and me to be here by ourselves.

All my college kids are coming home starting next week. I can't believe this year went by so fast! It seems like just yesterday I was dropping them all off and fighting back tears thinking about how lonely and empty my house was going to be. Well, it really didn't turn out that way. First of all, we have gotten to see everyone so much more than I thought we would. With three of them gone, there always seems to be one or another coming home at different times so our house never seemed that empty after all. Plus, I work long hours and by the time I get home there wasn't much time left in the day to be lonely. And Ashley is here so we spend lots of time with her. And we also have lots of friends and family who keep us busy. the year is over and everyone is coming home again. I better enjoy the last few days of a clean house with not much laundry or cooking. That is about to CHANGE! But I can't wait to have everyone back!


  1. I know the feeling Betsy. I have one coming home next week, but I am so excited to have the hustle and bustle in the house again. And to have another person to cook for. My husband and I end up eating out a lot when it is just the 2 of us. I am still thinking about the wonderful trip to Atlanta. I enjoyed meeting your daughter too. She is so sweet! I taught pre-school for 16 years and I remember the springtime behavior before school got out each year....crazy!!!! Hang in there, the school year is almost over and then you can enjoy your summer. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. My S-I-L is a teacher and she said the same thing about her kiddos. They're ready to be out and making it known in their behavior at school! :)

    Hard to believe that May is almost here!

  3. I remember those days. I had to clear out a room or half of the garage just to store all their STUFF for the summer!!!! I had three in college together for three years!! Fun, exhausting and wonderful times!!

  4. I know you cannot wait till summer and to have those kids of yours back in the house!!!! And YAY for pedicures!!! Love those. The ultimate treat!! :)

  5. Mine still have 6 weeks to go but looking forward to it!
    Next year we'll have all 3 in college, with one on semesters instead of quarters so I imagine we will have a rotation of sorts.

    I'm headed to my pedicure right now!

  6. Can I ask you a random question? I just recently found your blog through all the blogger recaps from ATL. I made a comment on twitter this morning about how I loved Kathy Lee's dress on the Today Show and someone told me you had a similar dress in a pic on your blog. So I must ask you where you got the purple dress with the ruffle you are wearing in your header picture? I know, sorry so random.


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