Monday, April 19, 2010

Joy Prom and Jersey Boys

This weekend was so much fun! Friday night was our annual Joy Prom where our church hosted about 550 special needs individuals for an all-out, treat-you-like-royalty event! It is such a fun night complete with a walk down the red carpet, tiarras and boutonnieres, glitz and glamour, shoe shines, bands and DJs, amazing desserts, and ice sculptures. It is a night where all you do is serve someone else completely...never thinking about what that person can ever do in return. And it is a blessing like no other! We were asked not to take pictures this year, but I can tell you that it was amazing.

Laura and Lindy came home for the weekend to attend Joy Prom and to use their Jersey Boys tickets that we got them for Christmas. So Saturday all my girls took me to lunch at Pei Wei for an early birthday! I have decided I love Pei Wei! Yum...their Carmel Chicken is de-licious. They paid for my lunch and got me something that I have been wanting. It is called a Soy Toi.

I saw one of these when we went to a little shop in Blowing Rock and it smelled sooooo good! Have you ever heard of it? "SoyToi is made from 100% pure soybeans, Vitamin E, and Lecithin. It's a natural source of healing for the skin aiding in regeneration of skin cells." So you can either just use it to make your house smell good or you can rub it on your skin!

Saturday night we all went to dinner in a cute little neighborhood downtown and then we went to see Jersey Boys. The restaurant we ate at was in a neighborhood where all the houses looked like this....

It was called Alexander Michael's and it was really good!

We had seen Jersey Boys when we went to New York last year and loved it so we wanted to go again. Steve had never seen a musical before and he really liked it! It was a fun night.

Now it's Monday and back to reality, but I am sooo excited about going to the Beth Moore conference this weekend in Atlanta and meeting so many sweet blog friends! Friday can't get here soon enough!!


  1. Hey Betsy!
    I'm going to Beth Moore this weekend too. Hope to see you!!

    Have a great week!

  2. How fun all of it! Jersey boys conf this weekend and your birthday lunch and gift what a perfect weekend! Love the pictures too!

  3. Betsy,
    How fun!!! Y'all are so cute!!

    The Joy Prom is a wonderful thing. I wish we had something like this in our area. I'd never heard of it before your blog of last year about it. So GREAT!!!

    Atlanta, how fun!! Are you going with friends?

    Have a Super day,

  4. I'll be at Beth Moore too!! I'm so excited!!

    I've heard great things about Jersey Boys. It sounds like such a fun show!!

  5. Girl! That sounds like the best weekend! I have heard that show is really good AND I remember you talking about Joy Prom last year - I think that is THE neatest event! So cool!!

  6. There's so many bloggers going to see Beth Moore! I can't wait to hear all about it!


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