Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful day today celebrating Jesus' resurrection. I think Easter is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I just love it.

I love that it is the foundation of Christianity. I love what a joyous and happy occasion it is and that we are celebrating new life. Plus I love that it comes in the spring and everything is blooming and the world is in technicolor again after being gray for so long. Not to mention getting to wear pretty spring clothes and getting to eat lots of yummy food and chocolate bunnies!

Today was one of the sunniest and warmest Easters that I can remember. It was such a nice day! We all went to church this morning and took up a whole row! I wanted to take a family picture with us all dressed up, but I couldn't get everyone together. But here are a couple of pictures we took before church.

Here are Laura and Lindy with some of their friends right after church...

After church we all went over to Steve's mom and dad's house. Right when we walked in, my niece Bailey ran up to us and gave us hugs, so we had to get a picture with her and sweet little Brooklyn.

We had to take lots of pictures once we got there!

Steve's mom always does such a good job of decorating and making the holidays festive. Everything was very Easter-y! Since it was so nice today, we all ate lunch outside.

We had the traditional ham and potato casserole and asparagus and deviled eggs, plus soooo much more! Oh my goodness...we ate so much.

My sister-in-law Britney made this yummy coconut cake and we also had strawberry pie for dessert. Yuummmm!

There were some great conversations going on...

We had an Easter egg hunt, too. We have to put money in the eggs now to bribe the college kids to hunt. haha

It was such a good Easter. And the best part is I don't have school tomorrow. That is so exciting! I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing week. I have a few things planned and I will try to keep you up to date on everything. Happy Easter!


  1. It looks like such a fun day! We had beautiful weather too ~ it seems like it's usually cold or rainy on Easter. Glad you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

  2. Betsy, it looks like you had a wonderful Easter with all of your family! Eating outside looks wonderful and I love the setup! Hope you had a good rest of the weekend! Everyone looks lovely, Happy Easter!


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