Sunday, March 7, 2010

Exciting News and A Typical Day

First I wanted to give you some exciting news! I think I asked all of sweet blogging pray for Mark a few weeks ago because he was applying to study abroad?? Well, he got accepted and he will be going to Santander, Spain in September for 3 months!

He is sooo excited and I am so happy for him. He has wanted to do this for a very long time and I am so glad it is finally happening for him. :) Yay Mark!

Next, I know I am very late to this party, but I thought I would join in on Kelly's Show Us Your Life and tell you my typical day.

Let me tell you that my day starts waaaaaayyy too early for me. The alarm usually goes off around 5:00am, but I always hit the snooze button a time or two. And I finally get up between 5:15 and 5:30.

This is actually probably the worst part of my day. Good thing I get it over with first thing. haha :)

It doesn't take me long to get dressed and do my hair and make up because I take my shower at night. By 6:00 I am usually eating a bowl of cereal and some fruit and getting my coffee ready to take with me out the door.

I try to leave around 6:20. I like to get to school a little early and have some time in the morning to get my classroom ready and just have a minute of peace and quiet before the craziness begins!

My kids start arriving around 7:00. They always come in so happy and love telling me stories when they get there. Meanwhile I am checking their homework and making sure they have written all their homework assignments for the next day down correctly.

The first class of the day is math. We switch classes and I have a really small math class...only 14 students. Math is not my favorite subject but we make it fun by playing lots of games and using lots of manipulatives.

After math my class goes to some kind of special like music, art, PE, media, or computer. I try to use this time to answer all my e-mails or run errands or plan. I usually get a coke during this time.

That always helps the day go better! This 40 minutes goes by sooo fast!

Once my class gets back to the room, they eat their snack and we have show and tell. Then it's time for Literacy. This is when we do spelling, comprehension skills, writing, novel groups....all kinds of things!

Then it is lunch (also known as BRUNCH since we eat at 10:40!) I have about 15 minutes to eat by the time I get to the cafeteria and get my class settled, run to the bathroom, heat up my lunch and sit down. I always eat in the lounge and at least I have a minute or two to sit and talk with my team.

After lunch it is recess. We take the kids outside and usually I enjoy this unless it is freezing cold like it has been lately. I can't wait until spring when the weather warms up and I get to sit outside and soak up the sun for a little while. That is such a nice part of the day.

After lunch we have Silent Reading. The class can sit anywhere in the room or even lie on the floor with pillows, etc.

I try to work with students who need some extra help at this time or sometimes I answer e-mails, etc.

Once Silent Reading is over, it is back to work. We usually work on writing and either science or social studies.

Before you know it, the day is over and it's time to pack up and go home. At the very end of the day I read aloud to the class while we wait for the bell to ring. The class LOVES this time! We have read lots of fun books this year like Henry and Ribsy, Tom Sawyer, Pippi Longstocking, and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

The bell rings at 1:45 and I walk my students to the busses.

After school I usually have some kind of meeting. I have staff meetings on Wednesdays, team meetings on Tuesdays, Character Club on some Mondays, and IEP meetings that may be scheduled for any time. I also have parent conferences as needed. So lots of times I don't get to do anything to even start getting ready for the next day until around 3:30 or so. I get lots of phone calls after school from my kids, too, so I spend about an hour catching up with everyone it seems like. Then there are papers to grade, e-mails to write, plans to be made, and copies to be run.

I always clean my room a little bit and make sure everything is set out and ready for the next day before I leave.

I try to leave around 4:30 each day. Then I run errands to Wal-Mart or the grocery store. I usually get home around 5:00-5:30. I set all my stuff down and start cooking dinner. We usually eat dinner around 6:30 while we catch up on the news.

After dinner Steve is always so sweet to clean up the kitchen for me so I can sit down for a minute and relax. We love to watch Jeopardy or King of Queens!

By then it is around 7:30. Sometimes I do a little laundry or we might call or skype with one of our kids. Around 8:00 I get in the shower and start getting things ready for the next day. By 9:00 I am usually trying to catch up on my e-mails at home, checking blogs, or watching some DVR'd shows.

By 10:00-10:30 I can hardly keep my eyes open and it is time to go to sleep and start the whole routine over again!

Whew! It makes me tired remembering it all. Haha!


  1. wow I can't believe your school day is over so early...that is so nice though! we go from 7:45-3:00...and we also eat lunch at 10:40!! how funny! I am always starving coming 3:00!!

  2. I also can't believe how early your school day begins and ends! The student day is 8:45-3:05 at my school. Very cute blog!

  3. Your kids go to school so early....amazing!!!

    I start my day very early too. Sometimes by 9:00 pm...I am zonked out!

    So glad for your son! My good friend's daughter is studying abroad there now and is having the time of her life!

    One more thing, so sweet of your hubby to do the dishes. Mine is in reverse...he cooks, I clean!

  4. You eat brunch so early that I bet you're starving in the afternoon...I didn't see anything about a snack during that time.

    As a librarian, I LOVE hearing all about the books you are reading with your kiddos, and I must say, I always enjoy working with 2nd graders! Isn't that the grade you teach? How fun!

    Congrats, also, to your son -- woot-woot!

  5. Whew, I don't know how you stay up that late after getting up so early! I try to be on the bed by 9:30 and I'm still exhausted every morning. You are the woman!!

    So excited for Mark. That's awesome!!

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  7. Oh the memories that post just brought back. I have only been home for 17 months but I honestly forgot what my typical day used to be like! Yes, we had lunch at 10:45 so I was ready for supper at 4. :)

    We started at school at 8 so my day wasn't as early as your day!

  8. YAY!!!! for Mark! How exciting. I love how motivated all your kids are.

    Your day at school begins and ends EARLY. My kids are long out of grade school, but the school here starts around 7:45 and ends at 3:05...or something like that. They just changed it by about 15 minutes a couple years ago.

    Loved hearing about your "typical" day.

  9. Yikes, that's so early for little ones!
    Congrats to your son, my daughter just submitted her application for London in the fall but is now thinking she's not sure she wants to do it. Of course. :)

  10. I am exhausted too! My day starts at 5:00 am, so I feel your pain. All of that planning you do makes you an amazing teacher, wife, and friend!

  11. Wow! I am surprised you get out that early, too! That's nice! Our students arrive as early as 7:20 and buses leave around 3:05. I loved reading about your schedule! I am always interested in seeing other teachers' schedules! That is fantastic news for Mark! How exciting!


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