Sunday, March 14, 2010

College Spring Break

This past week was Laura and Lindy's Spring Break. (Mine isn't for three more weeks!) They just hung out here. They had planned on going to Charleston with Ashley for a few days, but Lindy got the flu and Laura got a bad cold so they ended up not going. All week they just stayed home and shopped and went to movies and slept. I think it's kind of nice to do that sometimes and I am glad they got to rest! Mark also got home Thursday night for his Spring Break, so I am glad they all got to be home for a little while together.

Friday Steve left for the beach with some friends, so it was just us here this weekend. I made mashed potatoes and meatloaf Friday night because my kids requested it since they miss home cooked meals. I also made a quicker version of Pioneer Woman's Rosemary Rolls. I just used Sister Schubert rolls and put butter and rosemary on top. I'm sure they aren't as good as the real thing, but they were close!

Saturday was a gorgeous day here. (And the daffodils are definitely blooming now!) Laura and Lindy and I met Ashley and did some shopping and then went to Chili's for lunch.

Then Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine from church. She is having her second little girl in April.

When I got home, we took dinner over to Steve's mom. She is doing really well. Laura and Lindy made her this sweet vase. It has a Bible verse on it and they filled it with flowers for her.

Lindy had to get back to school last night and Laura left this morning. I will miss them, but I am glad they are coming back for Easter in three weeks. Can you believe Easter is almost here??

Well, I know 5:00 is going to come waaayyy too early tomorrow because of springing forward. Uuugghh. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight. I think I will pretty much be walking in my sleep this week! Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. I'm on Spring Break this week too. Yours will be nicer though. It's just not warm enough for a Spring break yet!

  2. How sweet that L and L made her that vase. I know that meant the world to her!

    Has anyone ever told you the twins remind them of Mary Kate and Ashley their good days?

  3. Glad you were able to spend time with your kids this week. I can't believe you have to wait so long for your break! Maybe it will be nice and warm then.

  4. I love all your pics. Glad you got so spend some good time with your kids! I agree, your spring break should be nice and have more time to warm up!! Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your kids during their Spring Break! I can't wait until our Spring Break!

  6. Web has Spring Break next week and he is so excited :). This year has flown by!!!

    Your girls are always so thoughtful and so creative. I wonder where they get it from :)?

  7. I just can't imagine all the joy when you have so many of your chicks back in the nest at one time!!! That's when having 4 kids must be amazing!

    It's Thursday and I'm still feeling the effects of the time change. Everyone I talk to lately says they're so tired! Ha!


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