Monday, March 29, 2010

3 days!

Well, I think March came in like a lion and is still going out like a lion. Last night was crazy! We had hail and tornado warnings everywhere. Thankfully nothing bad happened here but our trees were blowing and bending and it thundered and stormed most of the night. Rocky barked every time it thundered, so we felt like we hardly got any sleep at all.

When it storms we have three extremely tall pine trees in our front yard that look like they might fall over and crash into our house.

It's kind of scary. Plus they suck up soooo much water! We have tried so many times to plant grass and bushes around them, but they are just water hogs. haha So we have decided that they have to go. We have some men coming this week to cut them down. I wish you could see how tall they are. I am curious how they are going to cut them down since the trees are taller than our house! But I know our front yard is going to look alot better.

Today our school had an "All-School Movie" as a reward for surpassing our fund-raising goal. We got to see Up. Have you ever seen it? Steve has been trying to get me to order it on Movies-On-Demand or rent it at Red Box but I just never thought I would be into it. But I loved it. It was so sweet and sad that it made me cry! I especially loved the beginning part about the main character, Carl, and his wife, Ellie!

I'm not a huge "kid movie" person, but I would recommend this one!

Well, in three days it will be Spring Break! I am so excited. I have some fun things planned...mainly getting a few projects done around the house and also a couple of really short trips. Plus it is going to be in the 80's this weekend and all my kids will be home. I am already planning to do some grilling out and some yard work and spending lots of time on my back porch! It is going to be so nice. Now if I can just make it through the next 3 days! :)


  1. Hi Betsy! I am also a teacher, but in Arkansas. I have seen the movie Up and I cried too. I would like to see how they cut down big trees like that too. We are thinking about having two of our trees in the back cut. They are really tall too. Keep us posted on that.

  2. I am with you on making through these last three days before Spring Break!! I cannot wait and have a lot of similar things planned!

  3. We are counting down to spring break here too! Our's starts this Friday!! Have lots of fun relaxing on your break!!

  4. I cried like a baby during that movie! I just loved it! We saw it at the drive-in last summer. It's so cute!

  5. I bawled in up! but loved it! It hit a little close to home for me and ellie! And my maiden name was fredriksen so that was kind of fun!! Such a cute show though! Sad to see the trees go but I can see what a hazard they could be they look so so tall!! Well happy spring break it will be for us too! ttys

  6. I am so excited you are about to be on Spring Break!!!! I enjoyed mine SO MUCH... can I have another one please? lol. Lily LOVES UP with I never expected. It's a good grown-up kids movie beacuse of the tender issues and the story. I think it's great!

  7. Just a couple more days...and you'll be done!! Enjoy your time at home...the weather is suppose to be WONDERFUL!!!

  8. Hey Betsy!!
    I'm so glad I found your blog. I follow you on twitter and now I can read about your precious family. :)

    Its been a beautiful week in TN and I hope you have a wonderful long Easter weekend.

    hugs and blessings,

  9. We have really tall pine trees in our yard too, they make me nervous in strong storms!! Especially hurricanes! I love the movie UP, so cute!!

  10. After a hard week, spending a relaxing hour of blog hopping.

    So glad I stopped by your blog. Always love my stops here. Happy Easter

  11. Hope you're having fun on your Spring break. Happy Easter, Betsy (and family)!!


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