Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cookies, Crafts, and Cutie Pies

This week has been extremely busy. Wasn't life supposed to slow down once all my kids left home?? I have been taking time out to keep up on the Olympics though. I loved watching Shaun White on the snowboarding. To me he looks just like Carrot Top and he is just totally AMAZING!

And Lindsey Vonn was awesome too!!

I have been a nervous wreck watching the women's skiing after those terrible crashes yesterday!! My favorite part of the Olympics is all the personal stories and just learning new things about the country that is hosting! I love the couples ice skating too and I'm looking forward to that! I had 8 little girls from school come to my house to make cookies and do crafts. Our school had a raffle to raise money for new computers and every teacher had to offer an item that tickets could be bought for. For example, some teachers did things like provide a homemade fancy dessert brought to the winner every day in the cafeteria...or my friend Candy offered to come over to a child's house in her pajamas and read that child a bedtime story. It's really fun to see what each teacher comes up with!

My raffled item was to have 8 students over to my house for a fun afternoon with me and my friend Ginger, who is also a second grade teacher. For our craft, we decided to make paper flowers. Yes, I am READY for spring...can you tell? Here are the flowers we made.

We also iced cookies with pretty pastel colored icing and sprinkles. And we played some games. The little girls seemed like they had a really fun time and we enjoyed it too!

Right after they left, Steve, Ashley, and I went to pick up my niece Bailey and take her out for her birthday. Her birthday was last month, but her party got snowed out, so we took her out tonight. I got her this little puppy that fits in a purse. It barks and moves and it so cute.

We took her to one of her favorite places...Chik-Fil-A!! This one has an indoor playground which she LOVED.

The Chik-Fil-A cow was there, too. She went up to him and gave him a hug and said, "Cow, I love you!" And he motioned to his heart (since he can't talk!) And she said, "What? You love me too??! Awww....cow!!" It was so cute!

Here she is watching intently as a man was making her a balloon doggy...

She talked non-stop and ran around and right when we were leaving she wanted ice cream. So we got her some of course, then took her right home. Haha! She is going to be wired up tonight!

Tomorrow is another busy day at school. Since we reached our fundraising goals, I promised my class we would have an ice-cream/karaoke/hand-held video game party at the end of the day. They are about to flip they are so excited.

Then tomorrow night the fun just is movie night at school. I have to go back to school and hang out with the kids while they bring their sleeping bags and watch a movie and eat popcorn.

Whew! I think I am going to crash tomorrow night! I am really looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. :)

PS-Mark submitted his application to study abroad in Spain tonight! Please pray for him! :)


  1. You are so fun, Betsy! I love the flowers you made and I bet those girls had THE best time.

    Love the Chick-Fil-A cow story too.

    Where do you get your energy? ;)

  2. Would you be willing to give the directions for the Paper Flowers? I think they would be a perfect craft for my daughter's Girl Scout Troop that I lead.
    We could really use some spring around here and these would be fun for the girls.

  3. What a neat idea and I know the kids had to love it! Those flowers are just precious :).

    Spain???!!! I had no idea he was considering but then again I am not surprised. Your kids never cease to amaze me. I will say lots of prayers for him!

  4. Girl, I haven't watched one ounce of the Olympics, is that bad?! I think it's cause I haven't figured out yet what I like in the winter olympics. That is so sweet all those little kids, your student, coming to your home and making that craft!! I love all these pics, the kids are adorable!

  5. WOW Betsy!! You have been so busy!!! How fun for those little girls and those flowers are just too cute!!!

    WOW Spain ~~ how exciting for Mark, but nerve wracking for you huh?

    So nice to stop by and visit again, sorry I've been so absent lately.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  6. We have the BEST teachers at our school - ever!!!! The paper flowers look so cute!!!! Many thanks to you and your buddy Ginger for giving that extra time - this truly is the thing the kids love the most!!!!!

  7. You can tell your a preacher's daughter... you alliterated your title! Ha!

    I am right there with you on the Olympics. We love so much of the same stuff, Betsy.

  8. Love this post a little of everything between this one and the one above! Love the flowers how cute! Love shaun and lindsey too! Her crash was horrible poor girl!! Looks like spring is on its way there lucky you guys!!


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