Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

Really the little events in my life seem so trivial after hearing about the massive devastation in Haiti. I am just so sad for all those living there. Goodness...what a terrible tragedy. I think all of us need to be in constant prayer for them and hopefully finding ways to help in any way we can!

Today was a CRAZY day!! We had a lockdown (just practice) AND a fire drill both in one day. We also had a Native American storyteller come tell stories for an entire hour. He was very sweet, but listening to stories for an hour makes seven year olds very restless. My smartboard went out and so did my clock! I almost missed lunch because I had no idea it was lunchtime! haha My kids only had about five minutes to eat by the time we got to the cafeteria.

And I didn't get to tell you my other crazy story yet, but Monday night one of our pipes burst! I guess because it was so cold. But Steve came home to find pretty much a geyser coming out of one of the pipes to our sprinkler system! (Not this big, but you get the idea!!)

Water was going sky high and flooding our next door neighbor's yard.

Bless Steve's heart...he put on a raincoat and tried to get to the pipe to see if there was somewhere to turn off the water and he was SOAKED head to toe when I got home!

He knew where to turn off the water to our house, but once we did that, there was no way I could cook dinner. (I ended up going out and getting us Thai food.) Then Steve had to crawl under the house (in the dark with a flashlight) to try to find where to turn off the water to our sprinkler system since that is where the pipe burst. Meanwhile, he put on a pair of work gloves and got bitten by a spider two times on his hand! We were worried for a while that it might have been poisonous, like a brown recluse or something. How do you know??? But....he ended up being okay and he got everything turned off and fixed so I could take a hot shower so he was totally my HERO!

Tonight he is having his men's Bible study over here, so Rocky and I are watching Julie and Julia and I am grading papers. I will let you know how I like it!!


  1. My goodness. Soaking wet in this cold weather? Bless his heart.

  2. I'm so sorry you all are having to deal with all of that. So glad you got the water problem fixed.

  3. We had one of our pipes burst too! We didn't even know it, our neighbor across the street had to come and tell us. I am so saddened for the people in Haiti. My prayers go out to them.

  4. oh gosh Betsy! There really is never a dull moment at your house! Even when your kids are all gone! Glad Steve is okay!

  5. Oh my goodness..sorry about your pipes. I live in MS and most of the city of Jackson is without water. Schools have shut down, state offices, restaurants, etc. Thankfully, I live right outside the city so we are not affected. Glad you were able to get it fixed! :)

  6. Boy, life keeps you hopping doesn't it? There is always excitement of some kind in your home! Glad everything seems to be getting better. How did you like the movie?

  7. Oh My...

    He is definitely husband of the year!

  8. Not exactly Old Faithful tall, but that burst pipe must have been a chore to fix! Thank goodness your neighbors were not angry at what happened, hehe! I hope the plumbers were able to do their jobs and fix, and more importantly, prevent the same thing from happening again.
    Kelvin Dawson @


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