Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking Forward

It has been soooo cold here this week!! I don't think it's gotten out of the 30's during the day all week. But we haven't gotten any of the fun snow that everyone else seems to have!! Boo. Tonight it may "flurry", but I'm not holding my breath.

I have almost made it through my first week back! Tomorrow is Friday, my favorite day. We get to wear jeans and be casual. I am looking forward to this weekend. We have some fun things planned! But all my college kids are leaving to go back to school, so we will miss seeing them. It has been so much fun having them home.

When it is winter and everything is gray and cold, I think it is a great time to make a list of things you are looking forward to, so I did that today! I was thinking about how much I was looking forward to at least one surprise snow day this winter sometime. And I think we will get one. We usually do!

Then I started remembering some fun things I have lined up for 2010...

*For Christmas I got tickets for four of us (Laura, Lindy, Steve, and me) to go see Jersey Boys in April when it's here in Charlotte. My girls and I saw it last year in New York on Broadway and we loved it so much we wanted to see it again!

*Steve and I are planning to take a trip (hopefully in February) to somewhere tropical. We are thinking about Cancun! It is so much fun to leave the wintertime blues behind and land in a sunny, warm place with white beaches and crystal clear water. Can't wait for that!

*I burned a big brown spot on my countertop over Christmas. I accidentally put a hot casserole dish on the counter and it literally cracked and burned it! It looks so bad! Steve and I had already been thinking about getting granite countertops, so now I really have an excuse. I can't wait to get them. I think they are going to look great in my kitchen! :)

*Last night I put together dinner groups for our Sunday School class. This is one of my favorite things that we do. There are about 15 couples who are participating this time. Each month those 15 couples will go in groups of 4-5 couples either out to dinner or over to someone's home for dinner. Then the next month everyone swaps around and you go with a whole new group of people. It's a fun way to get to know each other better and help the new couples to meet everyone!

*I got the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook for Christmas. I think all her recipes look so good. I am looking forward to trying some of them soon. I am not going to cook my way through the whole cookbook. I'll just pick and choose, but her cinnamon rolls and cheese grits sound amazing! They may be first!

*This year is our 25th wedding anniversary!! I know, can you believe that?? So we are planning something really fun. I will wait and tell you more about it when it gets closer, but I am already looking forward to it.

So, tonight I made chili and we are getting ready to watch the Alabama vs. Texas game. I think I am pulling for Alabama since it's an SEC team. Plus I went to Baylor and we always hated Texas! haha

Tomorrow is Friday!! Get happy! :)


  1. Oh, a trip to someplace warm sounds so wonderful! We are getting more snow tonight. Our school is rarely ever out for snow (even when we should be)! We'll see. I think we have about three inches so far.

  2. I love your list!! I live about thirty minutes from Baylor(in Temple). But I am cheering for Texas!!!

  3. I always like your lists!

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Have a great Friday.

  4. Sounds like you are going to have a great 2010!!! I got the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook yesterday, I can't wait to try some recipes, you are right the cinnamon rolls look AMAZING!!

  5. My parents are going to Jamaica in February. My mom is a firm believer in going somewhere warm when it is cold :).

    I can't wait to see what you and Steve have planned for your 25th wedding anniversary.

  6. Betsy I hope you are staying warm, we are freezing in Houston, yes Houston, sounds so weird!! I love dinner groups, so much fun! I need to get the PW's cookbook, I don't have it but have read great things! Happy Friday to you friend!

  7. OH and yay for granite countertops!! We need new countertops too as one of the kids knocked some water on an orange piece of construction paper and didn't bother to tell anyone. Orange on white, it doesn't look too good! :)

  8. A trip to Cancun sounds AMAZING right now! I've never been there, but it looks beautiful!!

  9. What a great idea! It "feels like"
    -20 degrees here, that's what the news said! Ugh. So today might be a great time to make a list like this!! :) Your blog is always so fun to read!

  10. So fun all the things you have to look forward too!! Cancun would be fabulous right about now!! I want that cookbook too it looks awesome!! Love your lists and can't wait to see pics of you counter tops and all the others! Keep warm!

  11. You always have the funnest things going on, Betsy!!! My girlfriend says PW's chocolate sheet cake is the best one EVER. She says all her family beg her to make it for their birthdays. I have the cookbook but haven't made anything yet. I'm thinking cinnamon rolls for us first, too! Happy New Year!!!

  12. Oh, and now I want to go to Cancun. That sounds so wonderful with it being 22 today. Brrr!

  13. Betsy,

    Thought of a few people today when I did a new post...YOU were one of them. Check it out.


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