Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's 2010!

I am so excited about the new year. We are three days into it and already it is going fast. What have we been up to?

We have been busy over the past few days. On New Years Eve we stayed pretty low key. We did go to lunch at Big Daddy's Burgers. There is a new one that opened up not too far from our house, so Steve treated all his girls to that.

We thought about going out for dinner, but we knew that all the restaurants would be so crowded, so we decided to just stay home and grill steaks. That was a great decision. Our kids all had places to go, but Steve and I just hung out at home. I read my book and he watched football and then we watched the ball drop in our pajamas right before we fell asleep. We are lame! But I am fine with it. Haha!

On New Years Day I took all my Christmas decorations down, which isn't nearly as much fun as putting them up!! But thank goodness it's done and my house is back in order now. It took us practically all day to finish that chore.

Yesterday we had two of our teams play in a bowl game. South Carolina played in the Papa John's Bowl in Birmingham. Ashley and John drove down there for that with some friends. She texted me and said it was the coldest she has EVER, EVER, EVER been! Plus the game was just pitiful. Then last night Lindy's school, ECU played Arkansas in the Liberty Bowl. Here we are all dressed in our ECU attire and ready for the game!

That was a really close game, but ECU lost at the last minute. SAD!!

And last night was my family's annual Game Night. We get together with my whole family and all my neices and nephews and play games and eat and watch some football. It is always fun when we get together. I even won a Chili's gift card for $25!

Here are Laura and Lindy with my niece, Brianna...

Steve, Laura, and my nephew Brett were my teammates for the first round of games. We were team 4...that's why Steve is holding up 4 fingers. Haha!

Steve and my brother, Blake were in deep conversation!

We played "pass the baby" with Brooklyn! Angie has her here...

We had a good time! I wish I would have taken more pictures, though.

Today was the first Sunday of 2010. It was a good day at church. We hadn't seen some of our friends in a few weeks so it was fun catching up. All afternoon I have been trying to get ready to go back to school tomorrow. I have gotten all my laundry done, made lasagne for dinner tomorrow night, and caught up on e-mails.

I can't believe this break went so fast. It was soooo nice. I loved every minute of it. But I am looking forward to a new start and a new year. I hope you have a good first week of 2010, too!


  1. Besides laying around... Jodi and I went to the movies. It's been pretty quiet here. We're snowed in... so I get to sleep in tomorrow. Have a great second semester!

  2. You have been busy!! You look great in the color green, that was random, but I noticed that! I am trying so hard to figure out who your girls look like? I think Ashley looks like you and your twins look like your hubby? Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  3. Didn't know if he was holding up 4 fingers for the 4 field goals that were missed!!!

  4. so I get to sleep in tomorrow. Have a great second semester!

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