Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Important Things

Did you notice anything different today?? My sweet and talented friend, Faith, designed this new look for me and I couldn't love it any more. Ya'll...let me tell you, if you ever want a new look for your blog, you know where to go. This girl has skills! haha I love everything she does. Thank you so much Faith for your awesome work!!

Today, in the business of everything, I had a few things happen that just reminded me how important it is to not get caught up in my own little world, but to remember to pray for and encourage others who need it. I hope I don't ever get too busy for the important things. Like these...

1-I got an e-mail today from a sweet friend of mine from church whose husband died right before Christmas. He was in his early 40's and now she is left at home to raise their three teenagers alone. She was talking about how difficult this first Christmas had been without him.

When I read her words, my heart just broke for her. I thought about how Christmas at our house was such a warm and happy time, but it wasn't that way for everyone. I don't want to ever get so caught up in my own life that I forget to lift up and encourage those who are really suffering.

2-I got another Compassion child today!

We have sponsored a child for about five years now, but we got another little girl today. She is only four and she lives in Ecuador. And talk about precious...I could just love her to pieces. Her sweet picture is on my refrigerator. I want to try to remember to pray for her every day and to do a better job of writing her letters on a regular basis. I get so busy and this important thing gets put on the back burner. I don't want to forget how much a kind word of encouragement can mean and how powerful it is for children to have someone praying for them!

3-Steve came home today and told me he had gone to lunch with a friend of ours. He and his wife are struggling to have a baby. They just went through an expensive procedure and it didn't work. That is so hard. They are just really sad right now. I feel so bad for them. I know the Lord has wonderful things in store for them, but right now I know it is so discouraging to find out your are not pregnant AGAIN. It's hard to wait on the Lord's timing sometimes.

In 2010...I want to remember the important things!


  1. You have such a sweet heart! That is such a great reminder for all of us to be thankful for the little things.

    Your blog looks fantastic!

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Betsy!!

  3. Betsy, What a blessing you are to all of us! Hope you have a great evening! Love, Faye

  4. Loving Faith's work!! So cute!!

    That's a sad list... and you're right, there are so many people who need our prayer. And I'm thankful to be a part of the body of Christ so that we can all share in the good times and the difficult ones too!

    How exciting to have a nother Compassion child to love!

  5. Love your new look Betsy! So pretty, and so are you on the inside and out. Yay for another Compassion child. We have talked about sponsoring another one and if after this month everything is ok with Matt's job, I think we are going to. Long story.. Praying for both of your friends Betsy.

  6. Betsy, what an inspiring post! Thank you so much for the reminder! There are people all around us that need our prayers and a little encouragement! I too want to be better at this!

  7. ps I LOVE the new blog look, so very cute!

  8. The new blog look is so YOU! Faith is so talented.

    You have such a kind heart and you are always so good at reminding us what really matters.

  9. LOVE the new look! Thinking about having mine done. I will have to check her out!

    I too am trying to remember the important things. I find myself whining occasionally about trivial things. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Love your new blog look, Mom! I was wondering when the Christmas was going to come down! : )

  11. It makes me so happy that you are happy =) I always enjoy working with you on your blog and I thank you so much!

    My heart hurts for your friends who are struggling to conceive. I can completely relate and I pray that the Lord would give them His perfect peace right now.

    Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  12. I love your new blog look! It's so cute! I, too, need to remember to be thankful for the little things in life that are important.

  13. love your new look! and all the things that really matter in life! You are wonderful! and a great example to me. love ya!!


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