Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Few New Things... many things to talk about today!

I am not used to having so much time to call my own like I did this weekend. Ever since my kids have gone back to school, I have had a little mental checklist of things I wanted to do or try, so I got to do a few of those this weekend. But let me start with Friday...

Friday night Steve and I went downtown for dinner then went to a Bobcats basketball game. The friends we went with last weekend had tickets they let us use, so yay for that!! We played the Spurs. Our seats were only about 13 rows back, so I texted Ashley and told her I was getting to see Tony Parker up close.

She is a huge Desperate Housewives fan, but Eva Longoria wasn't there. I'm sure Charlotte is way too small town for her!! haha

When I got home, I finished Julie and Julia. I LOVED it!! Some of the reasons I like it so much were that:

#1-It's about blogging and cooking!
#2-It takes place in New York and also in Paris...two of my favorite places in the whole world!
#3-Nora Ephron is the producer and I really like her movies. This one was just sweet and happy. That's what I like in a movie!
#4-Amy Adams is just cute.

Lindy and some of her friends came through Charlotte Friday night on their way to see Laura up in Boone. They were going for the long weekend. Lindy and her friend, Alyssa spent the night at our house. I got up early and made them some chocolate chip muffins and fruit before they left Saturday morning. Lindy's friend, Sean, was going to ski and the girls wanted to just shop and hang out this weekend.

So...once they left, Saturday was just a lazy day. But Saturday night (for an appetizer) I tried yet another of Pioneer Woman's recipes! This time it was her Pico de Gallo and guacamole. know this Mexican-food-loving girl was in heaven! It really was good. I totally recommend it.

For dinner I also roasted asparagus for the first time. All I did was just toss fresh asparagus with olive oil and roast it in the oven. When it came out, I salted and peppered it and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese. It was very yummy!

I had a few movies from Netflix that had just been sitting around waiting to be watched. One of them was The Changeling with Angelina Jolie, so we watched that after dinner. Wow...that was good but INTENSE! It was about a kidnapped child, so it was kind of "dark".

Today was church. After church we went to Big Daddy's Burgers with my mom and dad and my niece Bailey. She is such a cutie pie!

This afternoon Ashley wanted me to go see the movie The Lovely Bones with her. Yesterday she got the book and read the entire thing in one day! (Can you believe that??? She can read so fast!)

That was another movie about child abduction and murder. She said the book was way better than the movie and anyway, I don't really like dark movies. Goodness...I need something light and funny now!!

So...I got to try some new recipes and several new movies this weekend that I haven't seen.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King's birthday so I get the day off. I wish I could have a three day weekend EVERY weekend! Thank you MLK!!


  1. So glad you enjoyed Julie and Julia! It really is awesome, isn't it? Oh! and about The Lovely Bones, we went to see it this past weekend, and let me tell you, it just gave me the heebie jeebies! It just makes me shudder thinking about it! EEK!

  2. Have fun on your day off! Julie and Julia would have been my light-hearted movie recommendation for you. :)

    I haven't made the guacamole recipe yet...I think it could very well be on our menu soon. Just got Pioneer Woman's cookbook by winning a bloggy giveaway -- yea!

  3. I can't believe she read that book in one day...AMAZING!

    I am so glad you are getting to enjoy this stage in your life. You definitely deserve it :)!

  4. I have got to see that movie Julie and Julia!! I have heard so many good things about it. Looks like a great time at lunch yesterday, Sunday lunches are the best! My hubby would love that guacamole! I'm a salsa kind of gal. Mollie had a bite of guac the other night while we were out to dinner and she made the funniest face, she kept touching her tounge the whole night.

  5. I have the book The Lovely Bones a friend loaned me and I have yet to read it, but want to before I see the movie. Hope you're enjoying your day off...I know I am! :)

  6. I didn't realize that Julie and Julia was about I must see it! Hope you are enjoying your day off!

  7. I'd be all for 3-day weekends, myself!! Sounds like yours has been so nice. I thought the Lovely Bones would be good... I love Peter Jackson...


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