Sunday, December 13, 2009


It was a cold and rainy Sunday here today. We had an accoustic Christmas service this morning which I really liked. Plus I just love our Sunday School class and look forward to seeing everyone each week.

Mark and Ashley got to go with us this morning, too. John has to work on Sundays right now, but we are hoping that will change soon! After church we went to lunch at Q-doba. I made Mark and Ashley take a picture since I haven't taken one of anybody lately.

I love hanging out with them!

I was just thinking today how much I love all my Christmas candles and all the Christmas "smell-good" stuff that you can put in your house. But one of the things that I think smells the best is just old fashioned cinnamon sticks and whole cloves!

If you put this on your stove, your house will smell sooo good in about five minutes. Then you can just keep it on low and simmering (or put it in a little potpourri pot) and you will have Christmas heaven all day! I think it's my favorite...even better than any Christmas candle or spray that I have.

I can't believe Monday is almost here.....just one week left to go! Yayyyyy!!!


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