Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Christmas Card

Today I wanted to link up with Faith's Christmas Card Carousel! I LOVE getting Christmas cards each year and if you scroll down a few posts, you can see what I do with all of mine each year...I put them on my refrigerator so that I can remember all my friends each day.

I love the pictures we used this year because they came from Ashley's wedding rehearsal. But, I think the card itself is just okay. I would have loved to do a really nice fancy card, but with all the money we have just spent on a BIG wedding and three kids in college, you have to pick your battles. haha

Maybe next year??

The pictures on the card didn't really scan very well. These are the real pictures I used...

I am so glad that my girls are home safely.

They are done with finals now and they both drove all the way from college by themselves. I took this right after they both got home. It has been super foggy here this week and I know how tired they are after being up studying every night, so I was a little nervous the whole time they were driving home. But God brought them back safely to me and now the Christmas fun can begin! Mark will get home tonight, so then all my chicks will be back in the nest.

And I only have two more days!! Woo hoo!

A few nights ago, we got together with three other couples who have been friends of ours since high school. Actually, two of these guys were friends of Steve's since third grade!! We love them so much and I am glad we have the tradition of getting together with them every year. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Don't you love old friends??

We went to Firebird's restaurant and I got prime rib and it was amazing!!

Since everybody's home, I am thinking we'll have some Mexican food tonight and get out some blankets and hot chocolate and watch some Christmas movies and just have fun hanging out!

Hope you have a great night, too!


  1. Glad your girls made it back safely! I know you'll be glad to have all your children back with you for Christmas! Two days left of school...yay!

  2. I totally know what you're saying regarding the kids traveling home. I'm on pins and needles the whole time they are on the road or in the air. I'm relieved for you. :)

    NOW, you can begin the Holiday!

    Oh, and I like the card. I got so much flack on taking a picture last week, I opted for a picture of the kids from a family wedding this past August. Family weddings are great for the photo opportunity!

  3. Love your Christmas card Betsy!!! You have such a beautiful family and I am so glad your girls are home safely!! Love the pics as always!!

  4. Love your card! Your family is glad they are all home in the nest. Have a wonderful family evening!

  5. Such great pics of your beautiful family! I was so excited to get your card in the mail =)

    Thanks for joining in the fun! Merry CHRISTmas to you!!

  6. I am stopping by to see your blog-and I love it!!
    It is nice to meet you! Your children are beautiful, and happy-I love that!

  7. I'm so happy all your kiddos are home. I know that makes you so happy.

    I love the card. Precious family!

    Merry Christmas!

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  9. We got your Christmas card yesterday and the first thing my husband said was, "They are such a beautiful family!" SO TRUE!

    I am so happy your kiddos are all home safe and sound. What a wonderful Christmas it will be :)!

  10. your christmas card turned out so cute! Glad the girls made it home safely too!! Hope you have a beautiful christmas together!!!


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