Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Dreaming Of At Least A Little Bit Of White Before Christmas!!...Please?

I know this will probably never happen, but they are calling for snow and a wintry mix tomorrow. I really wish it would snow!! That would be so much fun! Here in the south, we hardly ever get snow, so I get excited about it. Especially at Christmas!!

Last night, John and Ashley came over and had tacos with us since everyone was home. We had plans to watch Christmas movies, but we changed our minds and decided to go look at this house that absolutely goes ALL OUT with their Christmas lights. Think Griswalds!! This house has penguins on a roller coaster and a carousel and everything you can imagine. AND it has a radio station you can turn to that plays in time with the lights! It was a sight to behold, let me tell you.

I had a happy surprise when I got home today. Lindy had cleaned up the entire kitchen and everything was spotless. The Christmas music was on and a fire was lit. Rocky was in hog heaven. She spread a towel out right in front of the fire so he could lie down on it and I don't think he moved for at least a couple of hours! haha

And can I just share with you a heartwarming Christmas story? It was written by my friend Lorrie. It is a true story about her own life. She posted it on Facebook and I saw it this afternoon and it brought tears to my eyes.

By the way, the guy Lorrie liked in this story is my good friend from high school and the godly man she is married to today. The preacher in this story is my dad, and, of course, his daughter-in-law would be my brother's wife, Angie...(you know the one that was on World's Strictest Parents??) She is the friend Lorrie is referring to here. Anyway...this story just exemplified to me what the Christmas season is all about! So I thought I would share it with you...all my blogging friends!

A Christmas Memory ~
Alone , she was a young, divorced mom of a baby. No child support was coming in and medical bills had piled up. No money for a tree. Magically, a tree shows up at her door with no note.

A friend shows up to string popcorn because the tree needed some love. This friend knew she needed a word from the Lord. That there is hope. She gave her this verse: Matthew 6:26-to ponder in her heart.

The young mom prayed to the Lord that night asking for help...believing.
The next day two women who she didn't know showed up with a crib, clothes, & food for her baby.

He is alive. He cares for widows and orphans and us all!

It all started with a young man who she really liked and his love for the Lord, a sweet preacher's message and his daughter-in-law's love.

When I think of where I was and where He has led me I am so humbled.
How blessed I am to have all sweet husband,family and friends in such abundance.

Merry Christmas


  1. Betsy, What a beautiful post.I wish we could see a little snow also! Hope you have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

  2. I love that picture of your puppy in front of the sweet! And, what a precious story about your family - what a testimony!

    Hoping we get some snow too =)

  3. Beautiful story! :-)

    And by the way... I LOVE your Christmas card... I think it's beautiful!!

  4. They are calling for snow in TN on Christmas Eve and Christmas!!! I am so excited, would love a white Christmas!! Love this post Betsy, I hope we get to meet in real life one day!!

  5. Hope you get some snow! They are calling for snow in Chattanooga this weekend, too! Maybe we'll get some for Christmas!

  6. I hope you get some snow! That would be wonderful!
    Josh, Brody and I are having tacos tonight and then going to look at lights!:)
    That is a precious story and a true Christmas blessing!

  7. What a beautiful story and a wonderful tribute to those in her life!

    I too am hoping we get a little snow. I like it. I always follow up my wish of snow long as there is no danger! But snow is so fitting this time of year!!

  8. Love the picture of the fire and the puppy :) So cute!

    It's been snowing all day here, so I hope you're getting some too.

  9. That is a beautiful story.

    We are just now getting a little bit of snow. I don't think it is going to amount of much. Hope you get to see some too.

    I don't blame Rocky for planting himself right in front of the fire. He is a smart doggie!

  10. I am SO behind in the blogworld this week!!! Just catching up.

    I'm so happy your kids are all home, safe and sound! I've got 3 more days til all my chicks are back in the nest too! Cannot wait.

    I love that story about your friend. I really like Angie just from watching WSP... I know I'd really like her in real life!

    Enjoy your family time!!!

    PS - I got your Christmas card... but, thought I'd let you know I got 2 of them!! Ha! One for just me and one for the Wallace family. Thanks for thinking of us SO MUCH!

  11. Great story!! Thank you. We are under a winter snow watch so I know I will see snow by the morning! I will be taking lots of pics too!!

  12. Beautiful post! I hope you get some snow it does make it does make it feel christmasy doesn't it although here we are drowning in it ha ha! We'll send some your way!! Nice to have family home isn't it! Great house too all lit up wow!!


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