Wednesday, December 2, 2009


December is here! It seems like it got here so fast this year. I love this time of year and I am so glad my life has slowed down just a little so I can really relax and enjoy this month. I would love to have just a calm and simple Christmas since our lives have been so busy and crazy over the past few months.

Oh my literally poured rain all day today. There are even tornado warnings flashing across the TV screen as we speak. Isn't that crazy in December? Mark felt well enough to go back to Raleigh tonight. I really didn't want him driving back in the pouring down rain, but he just called and said he made it safely.

I had the priviledge of going to church tonight and hearing the Daraja Children's Choir perform.

They are from Kenya and I really can't even describe what a joyful, sweet group of children they are. I wish you could have all been there with me. It was such a blessing. If you ever get the chance to hear them (I think they tour all over the country)...GO! You will not be sorry.

I am excited about this weekend. I heard it might snow here and we have our first Christmas party on Saturday. I love snow...especially in December! Bring it on!

Another thing I love about this season is all the Christmas movies and specials on TV. Last night I sat and graded a stack of papers about a mile high while I watched Christmas Vacation.

Elf came on this past weekend and I have to say that is one of the funniest movies ever! Then tonight I made me a big cup of tea and am watching the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

I have some friends going to NYC this weekend. That would be so much fun! Have any of you ever been to New York at Christmas??

Even the commercials are fun at this time of year! Yay for the Christmas season! Hope you are enjoying it so far. :)


  1. I have never been to New York during the holidays, but would love to go. We always talk about going but we always wait too late and get too busy. Maybe next year we won't procrastinate!

  2. I can tell your life has slowed down since you are tweeting more! :) There must be something wrong with my sense of humor since I don't really like Elf, I just wrote about that on my blog. What's wrong with me?!?

  3. There's nothing like NY in December- Central Park, the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, the tree, ice skating - there is so much to see and do it's just beautiful! We have "Elf" on DVD and watched it the other evening. Do you quote it? Fun times! We have about 25 Christmas DVDs and we try to watch them all every year.

  4. I have been to NYC during the holidays every year since 2004...and it is fabulous! Actually, I have never been at any other time. The decorations...the tree...the Christmas spirit...I guess it is so wonderful because you see all the Christmas movies on tv and then you go to those same places. You would love it!

  5. I would love to go to New York during the holidays. It would be awesome to stay from Thanksgiving until they light the tree :)!

    You definitely deserve a little slowness in your life!

    Be sure to watch White Christmas b/c there is nothing like it!

  6. The Daraja Choir came to our church and they are so amazing! I teared up through the whole concert.

  7. The look on those children's faces shows how amazing that concert must have been!

    I have to admit, I'm like Heather. I'm not an Elf fan, but Jodi LOVES it! I'm a sap for all the Hallmark Christmas movies. My TV pretty much stays on the Hallmark channel during December.

    Glad your family is feeling better.


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